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What are peasants who lived and worked on a lord's land?

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Who was a peasant who worked the land?

A peasant was a poor farmer. Nearly all of them worked the land. There were names for kinds of peasants, including yeomen, franklins, serfs, cottars, bordars, villeins, and sl

What did Stalin do to the peasants that lived in Russia?

Stalin's Idea of "Help"Stalin stole the peasants' food, their livelihood and their lives. They went without religion for 24 years. Although he did bring them up to date in the

Where did peasants live?

they lived in a house callled cruck houses wich were named because of the half moon beams to surport the house

What work did peasants do?

Peasants and servants had to do many things in the medieval castle. Some of the jobs was to clean the floor, farming, cooking, washing the kings, queens, knights, and nobles c

What kind of work did medieval peasants do?

They did farming if they lived in a village By definition Peasants work the land. They are agricultural labourers. Answer : In addition to agricultural work peasants were us

Who did peasants work for?

Most peasants worked for feudal lords of one sort or another, who owned the manors the peasants worked on. Some peasants worked on property that belonged to the Church. They

Where does a peasant live?

A peasant lives in a house called cruck house, which was named because of the half moon beam, and tay is awesome yeahh broo

The poor peasant farmers who worked land for a lord were called?

A peasant is a farmer. Most peasants were poor, and most worked land owned by someone else, but not all. Poor peasants who worked the land of lords are most commonly referre

What were peasants who owned land called?

Peasants who owned land were called yeomen. Another word for a peasant who owned land was franklin. This was a usage in the Late Middle Ages, however, and the term originall

How much land did the peasants have?

None. They were tenant farmers on the land owned by the king and his nobles. Answer: This is true, the land a peasant worked on was actually owned by a lord and the peasant wo