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What are processes in the carbon cycle?

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What processes drive the carbon cycle?

The carbon cycle is a biogeochemical cycle. That suggests three major types of processes: biological, geological, and chemical. But it's probably more accurate and simpler

What are the processes of the carbon cycle and the nitrogen cycle?

Carbon Cycle: CO2 in the air get taken in by plants through photosynthesis. Carbon is in plant. Animals eat the plant. Carbon is in animal. Animal droppings contain carbon.

In what processes does carbon cycle through the biosphere?

Photosynthesis & Respiration, Decomposition Transpiration transpiration Transpiration. This answer depends on the options you were given. If the choices were photosynthesis,

What are examples of biological processes in the carbon cycle?

Living things use the reverse processes of photosynthesis and respiration. They are also involved in the process of decomposition, which can contribute to carbon release.

What process does carbon cycle through the biosphere?

One process is decomposition is when dead animals are turned into  fossil fuels. Cellular respiration is when decomposition goes into  CO2 in the atmosphere. Photosynthesis
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How is the process of fossilization related to the carbon cycle?

Fossilization is the process where dead organisms (animals and  plants) get decomposed (broken up) by bacteria and fungi and then  covered in layers of sediments (dirt etc).