What are satellites used for?

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What are the uses of satellites?

Imagine what we could NOT do without satellites!. No cell phone networking across towers, across the world. . No watching your favorite shows on TV. . No Internet. . No GP

Why are satellites useful?

Satellites are useful in many ways such as giving us information daily, such as the weather forecast. Satellites are useful because of their location. Their location gives th

How are satellites useful?

We really depend on satellites and they help us out in every daylife. Satellites help us to know what the world looks like. Theyalso help us to travel, prepare for good and ba

Uses of satellite?

satelites are used to relay t.v transmissions which are transmitted over electromagnetic wave

Uses of satellites?

There are several uses of satellites which depends on theparticular type. In most cases, they are used for spaceexploration, communication of signals, navigation and astronomi

Why do we use satellites?

As a planet, We use satellites for heaps of different reasons. The most common are for taking pictures of the earth to predict the weather and for the use of Gps devices. Sate

How is a satellite used?

A satellite is built up of microscopic telescopes with cameras and mirrors. They have strong sight and can spot objects or different planets or stars from millions of miles aw

How and why do you use satellites?

Satellites are used for many purposes. Pictures of cloud patterns and other atmospheric events are used in weather prediction. They can receive and re-transmit all types of

What were the US satellites?

There are over 1000 operational satellites orbiting the Earth, and probably 10,000 pieces of "space junk" also orbiting the Earth.

What is a satellite and what is it used for?

A satellite can be natural or artificial. An artificial satelliteis placed in orbit around the earth, moon, or another planet inorder to collect information or for communicati