What are satellites used for?

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What is the technology used by satellite television?

Satellite television suppliers use a number of technologies, most all of which in some way relate to the electronics industry. The video signal is sent up and down in a digital format, and it is digitally encrypted on the uplink and decrypted by the downlink receiver on your end. All of this could b (MORE)

What are the uses of satellites?

Imagine what we could NOT do without satellites!. No cell phone networking across towers, across the world. . No watching your favorite shows on TV. . No Internet. . No GPS system. . No airline flights -- they'd all crash into each other. . No ocean going ships battling the waves, whether you (MORE)

What was the first US satellite?

Explorer 1 was launched by the US on 31 January 1958, cylindrical in shape as opposed to the 'Sputnik' which had been round. It remained in orbit until March 1970. Its major achievement was the discovery of the Van Allen radiation belts around the Earth. The first was Vangaurd. The first successful (MORE)

Why are satellites useful?

Satellites are useful in many ways such as giving us information daily, such as the weather forecast. Satellites are useful because of their location. Their location gives them a view of a large portion of the earth at once (versus for example a mountain top). This is useful for looking at weather (MORE)

How were satellites used in war?

If you're thinkiing of WW2, there were no such things as satellites at that time. In fact the first artificial satellite of the earth was launched by the Russians around 1957/58!

Uses of artificial satellite?

it help support millitary activities 2-it help transfer telehone call over the ocean 4-they re used for exploring different planet 5-

How are satellites useful?

We really depend on satellites and they help us out in every daylife. Satellites help us to know what the world looks like. Theyalso help us to travel, prepare for good and bad weather. they benefit the society

Uses of satellites?

There are several uses of satellites which depends on theparticular type. In most cases, they are used for spaceexploration, communication of signals, navigation and astronomicalventures among others.

What is used to power a satellite?

Internal Electrical Power: . The main power in satellite is from solar cells. Other sources are batteries and fuel cells. Nuclear power has its role in heating/powering satellites as well. Every once in awhile folks get antsy when a reactor powered satellite de-orbits and crashes.. Other Power: (MORE)

What are three uses of satellites?

-- radio communications repeater... Westar, OSCAR, nine hundred vital TV channels, etc. -- navigation ... GPS, etc. -- global data collection and imaging ... weather, ocean temperature, forestation, ice cover, etc.

Why do we use satellites?

As a planet, We use satellites for heaps of different reasons. The most common are for taking pictures of the earth to predict the weather and for the use of Gps devices. Satellites are very important because they can help predict some forms of natural disasters.

How is a satellite used?

A satellite is built up of microscopic telescopes with cameras and mirrors. They have strong sight and can spot objects or different planets or stars from millions of miles away. They then collect the data and that data is sent through signals into a giant dish with antennas that send the data throu (MORE)

How and why do you use satellites?

Satellites are used for many purposes. Pictures of cloud patterns and other atmospheric events are used in weather prediction. They can receive and re-transmit all types of communications signals. This includes television, telephone calls and satellite radio signals. The can provide data that al (MORE)

What were the US satellites?

There are over 1000 operational satellites orbiting the Earth, and probably 10,000 pieces of "space junk" also orbiting the Earth.

Why moon natural satellite of earth is not used communication satellite?

The Moon is, sometimes, used as a natural reflector for radio signals. The problem is that the surface of the Moon is so rough and uneven that most of the signal scatters back into space instead of bouncing back to Earth. Another reason is that the Moon can only reflect signals. Modern communicat (MORE)

What type of satellite is used to provide satellite internet access?

Satellite Internet signals are transmitted by low altitude,geosynchronous orbiting satellites. In simple terms, this is thetype of satellite that travels the same speed as the Earth,directly over the equator and at a low altitude compared to othersatellites you may see. It spins at the same speed as (MORE)

How can Satellite be used to forecast weather?

Satellite imagery can be used to see storms from space. People on earth can keep track of the storm/weather and tell which way its coming, which can be used as a prediction. This prediction is televised on the news.

Why are concave mirrors useful for satellites?

Concave mirrors focus light on a specific point. That can increase the concentration of sun light on solar panels. Concave antennae are used to aim radio waves, as well as collect them and focus them on a receiver.

What are uses of artificial satellite?

artificial satellite object constructed by humans and placed in orbit around the earth or other celestial body (see also space probe). The satellite is lifted from the earth's surface by arocket and, once placed in orbit, maintains its motion without further rocket propulsion. The first artificial s (MORE)

How many satellites are used for GIS?

GIS is Geographic Information Systems. Simply put,it is software used for mapping. It can ingest myriad types of data, satellite data being just one kind. GIS software like ArcMap does not NEED satellite data. So I suppose your answer is from zero to an infinite number.

How are satellites used for communication?

The first communications satellites were simply metalized mylar balloons that could reflect radio signals that struck them. Being a couple of hundred miles from the surface, the satellite could be seen from widely-separated locations, and could be used as a mirror to relay radio between them. (MORE)

Can light be used to accelerate a satellite?

Since photons are very light, a laser or some sort of directed light would provide very little actual thrust. There are hypotheses that a "solar sail" could be used to give small amounts of thrust for extended amounts of time to a space ship.

What is a satellite and what is it used for?

A satellite can be natural or artificial. An artificial satelliteis placed in orbit around the earth, moon, or another planet inorder to collect information or for communication. A naturalsatellite is a celestial body orbiting the earth or another planet.

Why is Satellite transmission used?

Because satellites lack the geographic constraints of terrestrial systems, they are better suited for long-distance, point-to-multipoint transmissions such as television broadcasts

Where you used the satellite phone?

A satellite phone can be used practically anywhere. It does not require a cellphone tower, but instead a satellite, which are available all over the world. A satellite phone works in Antarctica, so you would probably be able to use it wherever you need to go.

Where can you use a satellite phone?

You can use a satellite phone where ever you have a clear view of the sky. New technologies are making it easier to use satellite phone even when your view of the sky is obstructed.

What are the uses of satellite technology?

The many uses of Satellite Technology include: TV, Internet, Cell Phone, and Radio Services, to collect and send data to NASA and Weather Stations across the World, and uses for Military Communications Applications, such as Global Command and Control Systems.

Why is satellite useful?

a satilite is useful for reciving data and get information that they can use in the future or present.

How long do satellites get used?

The service life of satellites in space depends on various factors. The most important one is Earth drag which pulls every object down to the ground. Its intensity depends on the altitude and the mass of the flying object (e.g. the ISS of about 450 tons (on the ground!) at 400 km is dragged down t (MORE)

Why use microwave for satellites?

The microwave has high enough frequency to carry the information and long enough wavelengths to penetrate the atmosphere. They are also easy to produce and easy to detect.

What does one use a satellite finder for?

A satellite is used for establishing a connection with a third party, using a means of submitting binary code over a wavelength that can be sent through space, using an orbiting satellite dish to relay the information, and then have the information beamed back down to the receiver. This can be used (MORE)

What is a satellite system used for?

A satellite system can be used for a variety of purposes. On the consumer market, it is mostly used for reception of television signals. It is also often used for broadband internet when there is no cable or ADSL available. When travelling in remote areas with no cellphone reception, it can also be (MORE)

What is the use of a sky satellite?

The Sky satellite is used to beam television signal around the world and into your satellite dish. Sky themselves use the Astra 2A satellite, which is fairly newly launched.

Why satellite important to us?

Satellites fly high in the sky, so they can see large areas of Earth at one time. Satellites also have a clear view of space. That's because they fly above Earth's clouds and air. Before satellites, TV signals didn't go very far. TV signals only travel in straight lines. So they would go off into s (MORE)

What are the uses of satellite and computers in communications?

Well, without satellites and computers, different computer systems wouldn't be able to communicate in the first place. All the Internet is is a collection of numerous computers that transfer data from a source machine to a destination machine, which then retrieves the desired data and sends it back (MORE)