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What are some Prairie grassland carnivores?

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Can a weasel live in Prairies or grasslands?

Yes, weasels do live in grasslands. There are many types of weasels living in the grasslands, too. In fact, they are omnivores, (omnivores eat both plants and animals). Other

What carnivores live in a prairie grassland?

CoyotesCougar/PumaGrizzly BearsBlack BearsGrey WolvesRed-tailed HawksGolden EaglesSwainson's HawksKestrel/Sparrow HawksOther species of hawks Burrowing OwlsAmerican BadgersBl

What herbivore is in the prairie grasslands?

Bison, pronghorn antelope, mule deer, white-tail deer, gophers, jackrabbits, elk, etc.

Prairie dog herbivore carnivore or omnivore?

Prairie dogs are definitely herbivores ! yet they eat the flesh of their dead brotheren, so omnivoires would be a logical choice

What omnivores live in prairie grassland?

sparrows raccoons coyotes foxes prairie chicken the only reason i improved it is because the last person thought elephants were omnivores. what an idiot.

What is the location of prairies grasslands?

Temperate grasslands are kown as prairies in north America. Such grasslands extend to the west and south of the Canadian shield. They are bounded by the rocky mountains in the

What do prairie dogs eat in the grassland?

Prairie dogs are mainly herbivorous, that means they eat plants. Their main diet is grass and seeds. But they will also supplement their diet with insects.

What carnivores live in the grasslands?

Cheetahs. In Africa, lions and crocodiles. In North America, wolves and coyotes, bobcats and lynxes. Four continents to go... Tigers.
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Is a Prairie Dog a Carnivore?

Although Prairie Dogs are almost exclusively vegetarian, nursing females have been observed both cannibalizing and communally nursing each other's pups. The various native pla