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Can an oil pan plug be replaced tightly enough so that it would crack the aluminum oil pan?

oil drain plug woesIt would be possible that tightening a drain plug to much into a aluminum oil pan, would more likely strip the thread before cracking the pan.    Yes it (MORE)

What would cause an oil leak around oil pan?

Gasket is bad or bolts around perimeter of pan are in need of a light tightening. ANS 2 - A typical cause of this is people who tighten the bolts round in a circle, as opposed (MORE)

Can a cracked aluminum bat be repaired?

You can use a compression device to return an aluminum bat with  crackÊto its original condition but it is not advisable to use it.  AÊhairline crack will become a larger (MORE)

What would be the leading cause if there were gasoline inside the oil pan?

  This is an educated quess, but I would think that gasoline got by the piston rings, and washed down the cylinder walls into the oil pan.   a cause that comes to mind, (MORE)

How much is it to fix a cracked oil pan?

  could be free, depends if you've got a welder or not or know how to weld? other option i know of would be drain the oil, pull the oil pan. clean it up good and use j b w (MORE)

What causes gas in the oil pan?

If you have gas in your oil pan, then you probaby have gas in your oil. if you have gas in your oil, then you either have bad piston rings, or a bad carburetor (or injectors i (MORE)