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What are some facts on Georgia's history?

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What are facts about the history of number 10 downing street?

Roman and Saxon buildings have been built there it is actually 2 houses the first prime minister to live there was sir Robert walpole. 51 men and women have lived there.

What are facts about India and its history?

1.Musiic is very common in India 2. Many music bands are from India. E.g.jls 3. A famous singer called Marvin was born there. 4.snakes and ladders was originated from In

What is a fact in history?

What just any random fact ? Okay in the year 1066 three kings of England were crowned , Edward the Confessor , Harol II and William I . Not many people know that .

What are facts about France's Winter Olympic History?

1) France has hosted the Winter Olympics three times, 1924 in Chamonix, 1968 in Grenoble, and 1992 in Albertville. 2) France has won 94 Winter Olympic medals (27 gold, 27 si
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What are facts about the rosary beads history?

The Rosary has been officially used since 1569, when Pope Pius V approved the devotion. It has been used by Catholics to pray for peace and intervention during turbulent times

What was one unusual fact about Bilbo's family history?

Bilbo is an anomaly in that he is an only child. Most hobbits have really large families. Another interesting fact is that Bilbo's ancestor, Bandobras ("Bullroarer") Took was