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What are some good quotes from the jurors in Twelve Angry Men that show the individual and justice?

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Summary of Twelve Angry Men?

Act 1 Twelve Angry Men takes place in a jury room in the late afternoon on a hot summer's day in New York City. After the curtain rises, the judge's voice is heard offstage, g

Who are the leaders in Twelve Angry Men?

Well, there really are no leaders in Twelve Angry Men, but those with more 'input' would include Juror #1 (Martin Balsam) the Foreman and Juror #8 (Henry Fonda) who pushes for

How does juror number eight in the Twelve Angry Men dispove the old man's testimony?

Juror #8 (Henry Fonda) dispels the old man's testimony by posing a question to fellow jurors: "How could the old man in the apartment downstairs distinctly hear the threat an

What is the juror 10 role in the story 12 angry men?

Here's his description in the front of the script: "He is an angry, bitter man---a man who antagonizes almost at sight. He is also a bigot who places no values on any human l

Occupations of jurors in twelve angry men?

1: High School Football Coach 2: Bank Teller 3: Owner of Messenger Service 4: Stock Broker 5: Never Stated 6: Painter 7: Salesman 8: Architect 9: Never Stated 10: Garage Owner

Why boy was not guilty in twelve angry men?

We don't know if he was guilty or not. Maybe he did do it, or maybe he didn't, that's not the point. The play/movie is all against capital punishment, and that no one can deci

What is the irony for the story twelve angry men?

The irony of the play is that in the beginning, everyone was certain of the boy's guilt and voted 11-1 in favor of guilty. They were all ready to give judgment without speakin