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What are good websites to look at for information on genealogy?

Genealogy   I know of at least two good ones:   and the Brigham Young University genealogy web site. The Mormons are a great source of information o (MORE)

What is the main cause of sibling rivalries?

Sibling rivalry may have many causes, but most of them can be affected by parent involvement. In other words, if children aren't getting along well most of the time, parents c (MORE)

Is Wikipedia a good website with accurate information?

I have found Wikipedia to be a pretty good website for reliable information in most categories except those of a political nature, where controversial subjects can be edited t (MORE)

What are the release dates for Sibling Rivalry - 1990?

Sibling Rivalry - 1990 was released on: Canada: 26 October 1990 USA: 26 October 1990 Israel: 14 December 1990 Peru: 1991 Germany: 3 January 1991 France: 16 January (MORE)