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What are some of the responsibilities that can be done by the children to help their parents?

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Are adult children responsible for the medical bills of a parent?

  Answer     Only if they signed an agreement promising to do so.     Admittance forms into a hospital, medical facility, nursing home, for medical proce

What are the responsibilities of parents to their children?

Some states have different laws regarding what parents have to provide for their children, however, there are five main things that are common in all 50 states: FoodShelterCl

How can Parents help their children overcome anorexia?

  Take them to a professional. Anorexia is a psychological disorder very similar to drug addiction. The average parent isn't qualified to help someone overcome heroin addi

Is it a parents responsibility to ensure their children are bought up to be religious?

No. That is not a general parental responsibility. The answer is no because religious belief is a matter of choice and some people don't choose it. Religious questions that as

What can parents do to help there children develop?

  Probably one of the biggest things you can do is to ENGAGE in conversation. I would sing songs in the car with my kids, play "I spy", talk about current events. ANYTHING

How can parents help children prepare for surgery?

Some children find it comforting to know exactly what will happen, when, and how, all in great detail. Others do not want much detail. They may need just an overview of what t

Are minor children responsible for deceased parents debt in Louisiana?

No. The age of the children is not relevant unless they are adults who entered into a financial agreement with the parents. For example joint holders of a credit card account.

How can you help children with sociopathic parents?

It depends on the age of the child and your relationship to this child. Another family member would be lax if they did not attemt to help a child in need. If you are just a fr

How can children help their parents in home managing?

Just help them as much as you can in chores, for example, taking care of your baby brother or even things like washing the dishes. You can take up a job and earn money towards

Should parents be held responsible for their children actions?

One answer: Yes, most certainly. It is up to the parent to teach their children how to act and to know right from wrong. As well as discipline their child when they act out o