What are some of the responsibilities that can be done by the children to help their parents?

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Are children responsible for their deceased parents' debts?

NO. . NO. It is not legally required for children to pay off any bill from there deceased parents as long as the bills were in their parents name, 100%.

What are the responsibilities of parents to minor children in the Philippines?

1. Provide financial aid for education, food, shelter, transportation 2. Visit family code of the Philippines

Can a surviving parent go against the original will left by the died parent and cut some of her children out of her will which was left to her by the deceased parent. Their will were done together.?

You cannot alter someone else's will, especially after they have died.. Cutting people completely out of a will is always challenged in court and it is far better to leave the "unwanted people" a tiny amount of money ($1-$100 total).. This is general information and not legal advice, laws vary by state, please consult a local attorney regarding local laws.

What are the responsibilities of parents to their children?

Some states have different laws regarding what parents have to provide for their children, however, there are five main things that are common in all 50 states: . Food . Shelter . Clothing . Education . Health Care Parents BASIC responsibilities include :. Grow up children in comfort and lavish facilities without any problems . To educate their children highly . To teach them moral values . To educate them about their culture, tradition, religion, language . Teach them manners and eticates . Teach them to have good behavior and helping nature which does not create problems further . Make them realise their responsibilities towards family, home and society . Make them aware of social problems they will face when they become independent . Make them realise the evil face of society . Teach them how to maintain relationships with love, care, trust and justice. . Read more: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_are_parents'_responsibilities#ixzz2PUgBEhPZ

What are roles and responsibilities of a family parents and children?

1. To help each other when they need you, no matter where, who and when. 2. To do your best and try to trust each other. 3. To believe in the bond you have in your family.

How can Parents help their children overcome anorexia?

Take them to a professional. Anorexia is a psychological disorder very similar to drug addiction. The average parent isn't qualified to help someone overcome heroin addiction, so why should Anorexia be any different?. If you are the parent of an anorexic child, please understand that this is a disease that is afflicting your child, it has nothing to do with their character, and it is not necessarily a choice that they make.

Should parent be responsible for childrens actions?

I do believe a parent is responsible for their children's actions. Being a parent is a big responsibility, and a large part of parenting is giving guidance, instruction, and being an example to them. If a child does something wrong, a parent needs to first ask his or herself what could have been done to prevent it, and what must be done to remedy the situation. This could be a great teaching moment for a parent, to display to a child the responsibility of making amends for the wrongs committed. A child needs to know right from wrong first, and then be shown by example the parents understanding of right and wrong.

What age in the state of Alabama are parents no longer responsible for their children?

In Alabama, parents are responsible for their children's care andactions up to the age of 18. This also includes any property damagea minor child causes.

Are the children responsible for the debts of a parent that has passed away?

Typically the estate is responsible for paying the debts, including the medical bills of the deceased. If a child has co-signed any paperwork regarding medical procedures, they may be held liable. If they hope to inherit a house, they may have to pay the bills to avoid the house being sold to pay the debts.

Are children responsible for medical bills of a deceased parent when there is an estate or will?

Children are not responsible for the debts of their parents. The estate must settle the debts. The exception would be if a child signed any paperwork gaurenteeing the medical costs.

What is the duties or responsibilities of parents to their children?

Nonphysical Responsibilities . Parents must meet children's nonphysical needs, such as self-esteem and emotional support. Parents set expectations for their children, but they should also acknowledge each child's individual achievements and positive behaviors. Parents have a responsibility to ensure children have effective and appropriate discipline in their lives. In addition, parents must teach their children the values of their society such as honesty, respect, compassion, patience, forgiveness and generosity.. \n\n Physical Responsibilities . By law, parents must provide a certain amount of physical comfort for their children. Parents must meet basic physical needs such as clean water, nutritious foods and safe shelter. In addition, parents must provide medical care to sick children and clothing that is appropriate for the climate. Parents are also responsible for keeping their children safe from physical and sexual abuse, as well as safe from harmful objects that can be locked away and out of reach.. How To Discipline KidsParentLearningClub.com/Toddlers How I stopped the defiance, lying, backtalk and outbursts in 3 steps . divorce from Japanese solving your problems of divorce from Japanese spouse . Greeting Sarah jacobs . Child Behavior Treatment Cognitive behavior treatment specially tailored for your child . _____________________________________________________________. Parents BASIC responsibilities include :. Grow up children in comfort and lavish facilities without any problems . To educate their children highly . To teach them moral values . To educate them about their culture, tradition, religion, language . Teach them manners and eticates . Teach them to have good behavior and helping nature which does not create problems further . Make them realise their responsibilities towards family, home and society . Make them aware of social problems they will face when they become independent . Make them realise the evil face of society . Teach them how to maintain relationships with love, care, trust and justice. . Read more: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_are_parents'_responsibilities#ixzz2PUgBEhPZ .

What are the responsibilities of a parent for their children?

\n . \nthey need to raise them so that in the future they can make good decions and raise their own kids. . Parents BASIC responsibilities include :. Grow up children in comfort and lavish facilities without any problems . To educate their children highly . To teach them moral values . To educate them about their culture, tradition, religion, language . Teach them manners and eticates . Teach them to have good behavior and helping nature which does not create problems further . Make them realise their responsibilities towards family, home and society . Make them aware of social problems they will face when they become independent . Make them realise the evil face of society . Teach them how to maintain relationships with love, care, trust and justice. .

The Responsibilities of Children to their Parents?

This is a general question, and I'll answer it from a legal standpoint. It is the parent who has the responsibility to ensure the needs, health, and well-being are met for their children. Children's responsibilities are generally limited to going to school and abiding by the rules that are set by their parents. They also have the responsibility of following the rules of the school and other structured settings. And they also have the responsibility of respecting adults, especially those who are charged with the care of that child.

Are children responsible for deceased parents taxes?

Only the estate is responsible, not the children. However, if you signed any of the paperwork, you may have become the guarantor of the debt. And the estate must pay off any debts before they can distribute any funds.

What can parents do to help there children develop?

Probably one of the biggest things you can do is to ENGAGE in conversation. I would sing songs in the car with my kids, play "I spy", talk about current events. ANYTHING to get them to carry on conversation even when they were 2! I would just talk about anything and everything. I made them feel their opinion was valued.. As a result, my kids are social, very aware of their surroundings, and active participants in adult conversations (i.e. politics, current events, etc.) (They are 10 and 12 now). In comparasion, I have a friend that never said a word to her son in the car. He is very backward, withdrawn and socially inept. I can't help but wonder if this is why.

Are parents responsible for adult childrens medical bills. My son incurred an ER bill after insurance paid. is the father obligated to help?

If the person that received the treatment was an adult at the time of the treatment being initiated then the onus is on him/her to pay for it. the parents have no responsibility in the matter.

How parents are responsible for their children cheating?

If kids parents cheated on their spouse when they were growing up, it sets the example for the kids showing that that is what someone does during a relationship. So monkey see, monkey do.

Are children responsible for parents medical bills?

No, but bear in mind that the costs will come out of the parents' estate first. So if a single parent died with assets worth $12,000US, the medical bills will be paid after the necessary amount of assets have been liquidated. The child will then inherit the rest. If the medical bills are higher than the deceased's estate, then all of it will be taken, but the rest of the debt will be written off. Note also that many countries have laws that consider it an attempt at fraud, for a terminally ill patient to sign all their assets over to someone else before death, to avoid the patient's debts being paid out of their estate, post-mortem.

How are parents responsible for their childrens actions?

Parents are and need to be acountable for their childrens actions because it is a part of parenting. If they were not then law and order would break down. Children need the guidance of parents to show them right from wrong.

How can parents help their children understand synesthesia?

Of course, this depends on the ages of the children and so on. . I definitely recommend the book A Mango Shaped Space by Wendy Mass, particularly for early teens and up. It's a fictional story about a young girl who discovers she has synesthesia. . If you want more scientific works, there are plenty of articles and books. Dr. Richard Cytowic's books are great but can be very scientific at times, so take that into consideration. . Neuroscience for Kids has a web page that's easy to understand. It is included in the related links below. . News articles about synesthesia fall somewhere in between - they are easy to understand and don't use huge scientific terms but they aren't a fictional story for teens. . Youtube has some videos by people ranging from Dr. Cytowic to average synesthetes sharing their experiences. . Also, there are online blogs and communities of synesthetes (and non-synesthetes) with tons of people who love to talk about their synesthesia and teach others about it. I recommend the Nexus.

At what point do parents have no legal responsibility for their children in Indiana?

The key here is the age of majority (adulthood) in Indiana. If they are an adult, the parents are no longer responsible. That will be the age of 18 in IN.

Are adult children responsible for their deceased parents debt in Oregon?

Typically they shouldn't be. The debts of the deceased are the responsibility of the estate. Anyone that was also a co-signer on any of the agreements might also be responsible. Consult a probate attorney in your jurisdiction for help.

Are adult children responsible for parents funeral cost in Ohio?

There should be a Will and your parents would have taken careof the cost of their funeral in their Estate. The Executor (male)or Executrix (female) pays the cost of the funeral out of theEstate after all bills and taxes have been paid. If they had noWill then there should be no argument as to whom pays what for thefuneral and the adult children should get together and pay thefuneral costs. More and more people are having simpler funerals(many being cremated and letting the family know where they wanttheir ashes thrown while others still want their ashes buried witheither a loved one who was previously deceased or have their ownsmall plot.) Common misunderstandings: Wills and Estates have nothing to do withthe disposition of the deceased. The Will is an instrument of thedeceased's wishes for the disposition of the assets. Heaven helpthe immediate survivors of those who set funds aside or otherwisedesignate funds held in their Estate, which are assets, thenoutlive their assets, spending everything, before Medicaid picks-upthe remaining years of life. That designated "funeral account" mustbe spent too, before Medicaid starts paying. Now what? Surprise,for niece, Sarah, the next-of- kin! Also, one of the adult children will be asked to sign the Statementof Funeral Goods and Services; otherwise, the contract for whatyour family wants the firm to do for you, and what your familydecides to buy from the firm. YOU sign, YOU pay and, you shouldpresume a deposit right then and payment in full by the timeservices are rendered......just like anything else you buy. THE FUNERAL HOME DOES NOT BILL THE ESTATE....THEY BILL YOU. YOUWILL BE REIMBURSED BY THE ESTATE. In most States, the responsibility for the "disposition" of thebody is: The immediate next of kin. If dad died 20 years ago, andnow mom is dead, with four adult children surviving her, ALL FOURadult children are considered the next of kin. However, only oneneeds to be "financially responsible" for paying the expenses. Lets hope mom pre-arranged everything and pre-funded her wishesthrough the funeral home. Even if she outlived her funds, herpre-need funeral funds are there, held in a life insurance policyor a trust fund. You may need to pay for some items which are notthe charges of the funeral home, but typically, the firm'sprofessional services, and any "stuff" mom picked out which is soldby the funeral home, will be covered by what mom paid into thatpolicy or trust years ago.

Are adult children responsible to an indigent deceased parent in California?

No they are not personally responsible for the debt in California, or any state. One of the primary reasons to open an estate is to resolve such debts. The estate has to pay off the debts. If the estate cannot do so, they distribute as best they can. If the court approves the distribution, the debts are ended.

What do parents believe their responsibilities are toward their children?

Love is the first thing on the list from parents and not classified as a responsibility. Protecting their child as best they can; spend quality time with them; learn to listen and not always talk as children have much to say (sometimes they are hurting and don't know who to turn too); trust; loyalty; if you have a religious faith get your children involved; a parent should not be afraid to discipline their child; and a mind thought that laughter is the best medicine in every family; making sure they are in good health; helping with homework; watching what they are doing on the Internet; when old enough give them the responsibility of chores and pay them a little for what they do, but make sure that in order to get through life they need to work to get what they need and not buying the children off with 'things' to make up for the lack of quality the parent's time. During the teens years even tween years parents should be very astute to their children's moods and to ask if something is bothering them and listen! To realize tweens and teens go through hormonal surges and therefore make 'act out.' Be patient, kind and just there and get them help if it is needed no matter how much your child protests.

Does your ex husband have parental responsibility for your children?

If, in the eyes of the law, he is the father then yes he does.

Are the children responsible for mortgage payments after the parents have died?

The parents will have a Will and the 'Estate' meaning the home and any properties which also includes both property and personal taxes along with investments such as a Retirement Funds, etc.; also contents in the house and including vehicles or other items such as boats; farm equipment, etc., is included in the Estate. The Will has to be Probated and the creditors paid off and what is left from that Estate will be divided amongst the heirs listed in the parent's Will. If the Estate is large enough the mortgage will be paid off as well as any other debts and what is left will go to the heirs. The children of the parents if listed in the Will can also sell the house and pay off the mortgage or one or more of the children can take over the mortgage by either living in the house or renting it out.

What parents believe teachers responsibilities are for their children?

There is a very fine line as to what the teacher is responsible for as far as the children in her classroom. Being a teacher is not an easy job as there are children with ADD/AHD; diabetes; allergies, etc., and she must remember all of this while these types of students are in her care, plus teach children at the pace each child can learn in order for them to pass into the next grade. Teachers are not perpetual babysitters! Teachers are not responsible for unruly children that hit and slap other students or perhaps even the teacher. Teachers are no longer responsible for a child once they leave the area of the school grounds. Parents responsibilities are to teach their children manners; if the teacher contacts the parent to speak with them about their child then at least one parent should meet with the teacher; if the child is sassy or disruptive in class it is the parents responsibility to control their own child. The parent is responsible for their child leaving school and arriving home safely.

Are parents or their children more responsible for school success?

I think they are equally responsible. The child needs to work hard to learn, but the parent needs to give help at home and make sure that the child understands the material.

What should parents do to help their children with ADHD?

first, recognize that the hyperactive part has nothing to do with the ADD, and then get them treatment. Medication is the only way to treat ADD. If someone tells you otherwise, they have no idea what they're talking about. Find someone else to deal with. see "difference between ADD and OCD"

What are some ways parents can help alleviate anxiety for children during a hospital stay?

There are many ways, depending on how sick your child is. If they are severly injured or have some disease that is extremely unbearable, smile and let them know it's okay :) The only thing you should never do is let them see you cry. Because you are their parent/guardian, they think that's who they'll grow up to be, play games or my personal favorite, PICTIONARY!

Are parents responsible for the outcome of their children?

Yes, parents are responsible for the outcome of their children. However, many parents can give love and guidance to their child and that child when grown can go completely in the opposite direction and perhaps get into trouble. Once children reach their teens it is difficult for parents to keep and eye on them 24/7, but if they bring their child up by getting their sons and daughters into sports; dance, music, etc., that child has a better chance in life.

How can parents help children prepare for surgery?

Some children find it comforting to know exactly what will happen, when, and how, all in great detail. Others do not want much detail. They may need just an overview of what to expect.

How can parents help their children in medical emergencies?

Children take their cue on how to behave from those around them. When parents are noticeably concerned, children's anxiety levels rise. Parents should remain as calm as possible to be fully present for their children.

Are parents responsible for deceased children debts?

It is not the parents but the estate that is responsible for any remaining debts. That will include medical bills. If there is not enough in the estate to cover them, someone will not get paid and the heirs may get nothing.

Are adult children responsible for parents debts?

The estate has to stand good for the debts of parents when they pass. In no way shape or form are you liable for their debt unless you cosigned on something with them. If mom and dad pass away and they dont own a house or a bank account or anything then the debts just do not get paid. Now if they do have money in a checking account and other assets then the assets will be sold to settle the debts. Do not let the debt collectors lie to you. Check out the Federal trade commissions website. Debt collectors will break laws all day to get someone to pay for a bill that is not even their responsiblity. Now if you were asking this as a moral question then I would still say no. Check out Dave Ramsey he can help you live like no one else! And also gets plenty of calls like this on his national radio show.

Are children responsible for a parents debt after their death in Colorado?

No. The dead persons belongings - house, car, money bank accounts, shares, jewellery - (everything they had when alive that was theirs) forms what is called the deceased's 'estate'. The person who is appointed to look after the estate (the executor) should use the funds in the estate to pay any debts that the dead person had (BEFORE ANYBODY INHERITS ANYTHING). If the money in the estate is not enough to meet the debts then this is hard luck on the people who are owed money. The debt does not pass to the children.

What are the duties and responsibilities of children towards their parents?

NO RULES. nuff' said. ^^ no, duties and responsibilities can be anything basically. For example chores. if the parents are always busy and need help around the house chores would be a good idea. mainly, their duty is to be an obedient child and be able to make life easier for the parents

What Is legal age for parents to be responsible for children in MA?

Parents are responsible from birth until they become adults and in MA that is 18.

What are responsibilities to their parents to their children?

To make sure they teach their child (children) right from wrong, to help them develop into adults that will contribute to their community and society, to teach them to care for others, how to solve problems, to be independent and take care of themselves, to teach or introduce them to some form of religion, and to give them a foundation for growth and learning.

Why should parent be responsible for the sex educationof their children?

As we can see in many states today it's not always up to common sense or what the experts say when it comes to what to teach in schools. Teaching only abstinence is a brilliant example of that since it has been proven it can not replace sex education where you learn for life and not just up to the wedding day and that it in no way is preventing teen pregnancies or STI's. Sex education and knowing your body is a human right and politicians don't always think about what is best for the youth but what is the best for themselves so they get voted for again. Whether you speak directly to your child or send them to a good learning site like Planned Parenthood (who have a page for teaching sex ed to your child) they are still learning. Some teachers in school are also really bad at teaching sex ed and get embarrassed and then the kid wont listen. Some parents however have no clue on how to teach it or even have the knowledge because they have not kept up with the latest research. They too should have a place to turn to to learn so they know what reality their kids are facing.

Are children responsible for parents debt in Maryland?

Not unless said children have made a written or verbal agreement with whomever holds the debt to repay monies owed.

What are the responsibilities of parent to their children?

Legally speaking a parent is responsible for feeding, clothing, and sheltering their children as well as ensuring that they receive proper medical attention and attend school. In a more general sense, a parents biggest job is to love their kids. If you have that, everything else will follow.

When a parent dies are their children responsible for their debt?

Normally the estate has that responsibility. If the children co-signed, they can be held personally responsible.

What are the responsibilities of children towards parents?

Well what I'm told (as the child), is that our responsibilities are to make sure we respect the parent at all times. We show this respect by doing what we're told, when we're told to do it. I personally have a problem with backtalk (I'm sure most children do), but our jobs is to work on it and to keep in mind that your the parents and we're the kids. Doing well in school is another responsibility toward the parents because in doing so, our good actions reflect on them and hopefully the good grades help pay for college in the future. But also, the parents have to keep in mind the way they act and speak toward the kids. For example, the way they ask us to do something. If it's said in a rage of frustration, some anger is gonna be built up inside the kid making them wanna scream. So the parents just have to make sure that they're not pushing the children to a point where they act in a way that's disrespectful.

How can you help children with sociopathic parents?

It depends on the age of the child and your relationship to this child. Another family member would be lax if they did not attemt to help a child in need. If you are just a friend or an aquaintence it may be more difficult to butt in. If the child is being abused physically or emotionally you do have an obligation to notify the proper authorities.

Is it a law that a parent be responsible for their childrens wrongful acts in Texas?

It's a general legal principle everywhere that parents are held liable for the actions of their minor children.

Why do children need to help parents at home?

Yes it helps them become more responsible and know what is expected from their parents. Most kids don't help their parents.

How can children help their parents in home managing?

Just help them as much as you can in chores, for example, taking care of your baby brother or even things like washing the dishes. You can take up a job and earn money towards your future or their home maintainance. Im no parent, but if I was one, I would just want my children to be happy and well provided for. So basically, be happy and show them that you love them.

Are children of deceased parent responsible for bills in ga?

In Georgia the estate is responsible for the medical bills of the deceased. Only after they are resolved can the estate be closed and any remainder distributed.