What is the work atmosphere of an obgyn like?

As an OBGYN resident, typically I work 630am until between 5-6pm everyday. I am on call anywhere from 1-3 weekend days (not entire weekends) per month. first year call is a li (MORE)

What are the working conditions of a obgyn?

Working conditions are usually pleasant with the work environment being indoors in well lighted exam rooms and hospitals. Hours of work frequently exceed 60 hours a week in th (MORE)

How many hours dose a obgyn work?

it depends on how long they work. most time well depending on where that obgyn work they make at the most $124,586,390683 in 4 years but if they work at a place in grand rapid (MORE)
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Is working the life of an OBGYN hard?

yes, being an obgy is hard workin becase all of the hard years and in school and then, you haVE TO WORK DAY AND NIGHT AND SOMETIME YOU CAN MISS OUT ON ALOT OF STUFF LIKE KIDS (MORE)

What time do a obgyn get up to work?

they get up at 6am and go to hospital to see patients and try to get back to their office by 8am to see moer patients. Sometimes they get np slep and will already be awake for (MORE)