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What are some songs like 'Does Anybody Hear Her' by Casting Crowns?

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What are facts about Casting Crowns?

Here's a few facts: 1) Casting Crowns is one of the fastest selling, platinum-reaching Christian artists in history. Casting Crowns also won a Grammy for Lifesong. 2) Casti

Where are you more likely to hear the song Bread of Heaven?

The song is actually called Guide me o' thou great Jehovah. Its a hymn written in 1745 with music called Cwm Rhodda added in 1907. Its claimed to be the second welsh national

What songs are on the Casting Crowns CD The Altar And The Door?

1. What This World Needs 2. Every Man 3. Slow Fade 4. East To West 5. The Word Is Alive 6. The Altar And The Door 7. Somewhere In The Middle 8. I Know You're The

Who is influenced by Casting Crowns?

Me! I'm infuenced by Casting Crowns in numerous ways. There music is so inspiring and has great messages! One thing that really draws me is the honesty and the passion of the

How can you get Casting Crowns to come to your church?

Wow! Wouldn't that be AWESOME?!? Well, you can contact them, (go to their website ( castingcrowns.com ) and click 'Contact' for for information). Or you can take your chur

What is the song Here I Go Again by Casting Crowns about?

"'Here I Go Again' is a prayer we all pray as we're walking up to the friend we've always known who we needed to share our faith with, and then we choke. We know the answers,

What is the most famous Casting Crowns song?

Casting Crowns' most successful song is probably East to West from "The Altar And The Door". Although, they are probably best known for Who Am I? or Voice of Truth from thei

What does the song Voice of Truth mean by Casting Crowns?

The song Voice of Truth is basically Mark Hall's (the lead-singer and song-writer of Casting Crowns) testimony put to a song. The original name of 'Voice of Truth' when Mark o

Why did Casting Crowns start?

Before Casting Crowns was discovered, the members whom are youth pastors/ youth workers formed a worship band called 'Casting Crowns', and made 2 independent CD's for the stud

What does the song Who Am I by Casting Crowns mean?

The song Who Am I is about the love of God for His people. It refers to the fact that we are sinners and our lives quickly fade away but yet the God of all creation cares for

When did Casting Crowns form as a band?

Casting Crowns first formed as a band in 1999 as a student worship band at the church they were at, at that time. Later, when members moved to another church, a member or tw