What are some songs like 'Does Anybody Hear Her' by Casting Crowns?

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What is Casting Crowns music like?

In-your-face music . Truth-in-love kinda stuff . Inspirational . Worship . Praises Jesus . Makes you think BEST BAND EVER!!

How did Casting Crowns get inspired to write their song Does Anybody Hear Her?

Well, Mark Hall wrote the song; he is a full-time youth pastor as well. Mark calls 'Does Anybody Hear Her' The Girl Song. He was inspired to write it because he sees that the

How many songs does Casting Crowns have?

Crowns has a total of 97 songs, on 10 CD's so far: ~2003: Casting Crowns (Self-Titled), 10 songs. ~2004: Live From Atlanta, 6 songs. ~2005: Lifesong, 11 songs. ~2006:

On Casting Crowns Until the Whole World Hears CD What are people's two favorite songs besides the two on the radio?

Mark says that at concerts a crowd favorite is Glorious Day (Living He Loved Me) . It's mostly your own opinion, though I'd say Glorious Day and either Blessed Redeemer

What are the names of all of Casting Crowns songs?

Casting Crowns has 84 songs in Total, They are: Casting Crowns (Self-Titled) (Oct 7, 2003): 1. What If His People Prayed 2. If We Are the Body 3. Voice of Truth 4.

What is the song East To West by Casting Crowns about?

God's forgiveness is an amazing gift. The problem is that our logic gets in our way. ~Psalm 51 / Ephesians 2:1-10 / 1 John 1:9 / Psalm 103 / Romans 8 / Colossians 2:9-15 / Isa

What kind of song is Who Am I by Casting Crowns?

There are a lot of songs today about who we are in Christ. There aren't many songs that talk about who we are without Him. Who Am I is a song that talks about who we are wi

What is the most famous Casting Crowns song?

Casting Crowns' most successful song is probably East to West from "The Altar And The Door". Although, they are probably best known for Who Am I? or Voice of Truth fr

Who writes Casting Crowns songs?

Lead-singer and Songwriter Mark Hall writes the majority of the songs Crowns does/has. Mark also co-wrote some Crowns song with other people, including Other band members, Ste

What does the song Who Am I by Casting Crowns mean?

The song Who Am I is about the love of God for His people. It refers to the fact that we are sinners and our lives quickly fade away but yet the God of all creation cares for

What are some popular Casting Crowns songs?

All their songs that have been radio hits/ singles are popular songs by them. Below is a list of all the songs in order from oldest to newest: Casting Crowns (self-titled -