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Why are some grapes sour and others sweet?

Sour grapes aren't ripe and haven't produced the sugar that makes them sweet yet. Also, wine grapes tend to be more sour and table grapes tend to be sweeter. Wine grapes a

What is the BIA?

The Bureau of Indian Affairs or the BIA is an organization created to improve the quality of life for Native Americans.

Why do some people get sick after accidentally drink some sour milk?

Because they're body isn't use to sour milk. An if their memory cells had antioxidants to fight off it....then they would'NT be harmed by it. For ex. people in south America a

What is bias compensation and bias stabilisation?

Temperature Compensation Of BJT Differential Amplifiers The bipolar junction transistor (BJT) emitter-coupled differential-pair circuit is a familiar amplifier stage in the re

Can sour cream turn sour?

Sour cream is produced by fermentation and the "sour" applies to its taste. It can "go sour" (spoil or go bad), which is a different situation.