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What are some ways to minimize the need for irrigation?

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What would reduce the amount of water needed for irrigation?

Trickle or drip irrigation can reduce the amount of water needed for irrigation. So will planting earlier or later in the growing season. You can also water less frequently wi

What are some types of irrigation practices?

natural irrigation 1 flooding 2 rainfall    traditional method 1 moat (pulley system) 2 rah-at (lever system) 3 chain pump & 4 dekhli    modern method 1 sprinkler sy

What is irrigation?

The process of supplying water by artificial means is called irrigation.

Why should civil engineers need to study irrigation engineering?

Irrigation engineering is related tothe civil engineering. Irrigation engineering is a wide field. There are lot of things to learn. Civil engineer can become a irrigation e

Why is irrigation needed for agriculture development?

because if the irrigation is done properly the farmers can work properly on their fields without facing any problem of water it is also necessary because even during famine no

What are three ways to minimize the negative effects of fossil fuels?

The use of reusable energy sources is the best efficient way to get rid of fossil fuel pollution. Some examples are - wind power, solar power, and hydro power.Also, using a hy

Why do Farmers need to know about irrigation?

water reserves are the ultimate source of life on earth. Proper water management must be practiced in order to save water. The ground water table is decreasing day by day. Thu

What is minimal?

  Minimal can be different depending on the person. if a rich man thought of the minimal price on something to sell he might think millons of dollars. it depends on how yo

What does a country need in order for more farmland to be irrigated?

Water reservoirs that are often man-made, pipelines that extend  from a lake or river to fields, or a large underground aquifer to  source their water from, such as the Ogal