Are the Gosselins paid for the TLC show?

Some sources have said they either get 5k to 65,000k per episode... from various statements from Jon and Kate Gosselin they were paid a token sum for the first couple of speci (MORE)
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Who is the host of TLC get out show?

The host of the TLC television show Get Out, was Lindsay Clubine.The show ran for 17 seasons and ended in 2012.

What is TLC do?

TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs is a professional wrestling event produced annually by WWE, a Connecticut-based promotion, and broadcast live and available only through pay-per (MORE)
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What types of shows does the channel TLC air?

While TLC used to focus more on education programming, it currently airs many reality programs. Popular shows include "Toddler & Tiara", "Extreme Couponing" and "Here Comes H (MORE)