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Advantages and disadvantages of computer technology?

Some advantages are that work is easier to complete and  organization of data is easier. Disadvantages include hackers  gaining access to information and the possibility of (MORE)

Advantage and disadvantage of modern technology?

Advantages of modern technology include the ability to communicate  with people long distance. Disadvantages include less personal  relationships and lack of social interact (MORE)

Advantage of open source software?

  Free, customizable, free, constantly updating, free, different versions depending on your needs, free; you get the idea.
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What are the advantages and disadvantages of genetic technology?

Some advantages of genetic technology are to the cure to diseases and early track-age of any life threatening disease in the genes. It also helps track potential problems in l (MORE)

What are the advantages and disadvantages of digital technology?

Digital does not drift over time or change with temperature or vary  with component tolerances like analog does; but it is slower and  the answers have quantization errors.
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Advantages and disadvantages of studying at a university of technology?

Your advantage of studying at a University of Technology is that your degree will be a technical degree. This means that your degree will be much more focused than if you were (MORE)

What are the advantages of open-source software?

There are various open source software available, such as Ephesoft,  OpenKM , TreeLine and many more and such open source software are  vary useful for business industries f (MORE)

Advantages and disadvantages of gene technology?

The advantages of gene technology is that it is able to provide  scientific evidence and research into areas of health that will add  to what doctors already know about spec (MORE)