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What are the assonance in the seven ages of man?

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What are the seven stages of the seven ages of man?

The man in the speech goes through these stages: Infancy: In this stage he is dependent on others and needs to be constantly attended to.Childhood: It is in this stage that he

What is seven ages of man about?

Man's history on earth seems to be pitiful and comic. He has seven distinct stages in his life in this world which appears as characters one after the other in a play. Infant,

What are the seven ages of man in Shakespeare?

Infant school boy lover soldier justice old man and death These are the seven ages of man as set out in a speech by Jaques in As You Like It.

What is the theme in the poem Seven Ages of Man?

This speech is part of Act 2, Scene 7 of William Shakespeare's play, As You Like It. It is neither a poem nor a song but an extended speech by the character Jaques who is expr

Who's speaker in seven ages of man?

William Shakespeare was one of the great English poets and dramatists of the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Century. The speech called "The Seven Ages of Man", often wrongly called

How are the poem 'If' and seven ages of man different?

"If" is a poem. "The Seven Ages of Man" is a speech from a play.  That's the biggest difference. "If" was written by Kipling, in the  nineteenth century; As You Like It (the