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Wthat is the scope of consumer behavior?

bScope of Consume behaviour refer to the study of market potential available in particular Area of the country, based on the customer taste, habits and standard of living of t (MORE)

Define consumer behavior?

define consumer behaviour as 'the process and activities people engage in when searching for, selecting, purchasing, using, evaluating, and disposing of products and services (MORE)

Why you need to study Consumer Behavior?

Why Study Consumer Behaviour ?In the highly specialised study of "BUSINESS MANAGEMENT", "BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION" or just "MANAGEMENT" today, "MARKETING MANAGEMENT" function p (MORE)
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Why consumer behavior is dynamic?

Consumer behavior is dynamic because its uses are always changing  with the ways that consumers' tastes change with new product  creations. Those tastes also change with the (MORE)

How do motivation drive Consumer Behavior?

motivation can drive the consumer behavior in different way, but motivation is a drive which drive personal individual inside to decide which she/he want and for how much, for (MORE)
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What is an axiom?

    An axiom is a self-evident truth that is not proven, only accepted, such as that for any two real numbers a and b, either a > b, a = b, or a < b.