What are the axioms of consumer behavior?


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What do you mean by consumer behavior?

Consumer behavior includes the perception and decision making  factors of customers. It also includes information search,  attitudes, and beliefs of consumers.
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How celebrities affect consumer behavior?

 celebrity Impact on Consumers  Advertisers have always found unique ways of getting the  consumers attention, and elevating the status of a particular  product. The Nike (MORE)
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Individual determinants of consumer behavior?

Individual DeterminantsThere are five major groups of individual determinants: personality and self concept, motivation and involvement, information processing, learning and m (MORE)

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What is the importance of understanding consumer behavior?

Consumer is the most important person. The business revolves around the consumer...So, while operating as a firm, it is essential for the firm to gain the good understanding o (MORE)
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What Are The Drivers Of Consumer Behavior?

Consumer behavior involves a complex and sometimes nuanced system of inputs and outputs. Marketers need to understand what drives its broad constraints and possibilities in or (MORE)
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Consumer Psychologists can Help Increase a Company's Sales Profits

Many consumers believe that marketing and sales executives are solely responsible for advertisements. Although this is somewhat factual, these executives work alongside consum (MORE)

Become a Consumer Tester to Improve Products and Earn Money

Consumer testing refers to a product maufacturer paying an unbiased third party to try a product in return for a detailed, opinionated report on it. There are a few ways that (MORE)

Tips to Customer Relationships

Nothing is better for a company than a happy customer base. And the best way to build a loyal group of customers is by developing an effective consumer relationship marketing (MORE)

Define consumer behavior?

define consumer behaviour as 'the process and activities people engage in when searching for, selecting, purchasing, using, evaluating, and disposing of products and services (MORE)

What is the scope of consumer buying behavior?

To define the scope of a subject it is important to set parameters or a frameworkwithin which it shall be studied. it can be explained through a detailed study of framework . (MORE)

How do motivation drive Consumer Behavior?

motivation can drive the consumer behavior in different way, but motivation is a drive which drive personal individual inside to decide which she/he want and for how much, for (MORE)