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What are the clauses of a life insurance policy?

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Appraisal clause in insurance policy?

  Answer   if you and the adjuster cannot come to an agreement regarding the value of your vehicle (and maybe the repair amount, but i don't think it's for repair am

Why are life insurance policies not cancellable by the insurer?

Answer   So that you can plan for your family now and not when you get sick. If companies could cancel when you got sick, there would be very few claims. Gosh, if the pol

What is a manifestation clause as it pertains to a general liability insurance policy?

A mOn anifestation clause on a full occurence policy completely changes and limits an insured's policy. Most insureds with a manifestation clause on their policy either do not

What is the Colorado life insurance incontestability clause?

  Same as every other insurance companies. There is a two year period where the insurance company reserves the right to investigate any death claim specifically looking fo

What is definition of sunset clause in liability insurance policy?

It has to do with time limits where the policyholder can to bring a claim to the insurance company. Please see related link below!

What is the Average Clause in an Insurance Policy?

Imagine you suffer a fire which causes £180,000 worth of damage to the building, but only have insurance reinstatement cover of £300,000. You might think - "no problem, I ha

What is incontestability clause in life insurance policies?

  You can find this by looking at the "Incontestable Clause" in your life insurance policy.   The "Incontestable Clause" states that after the life insurance policy is

What is a life insurance conversion clause?

Many term or group term life insurance policies provide a  conversion clause, which allows the covered person to purchase a  permanent life insurance policy at the same medi

Does fidelity life insurance have a suicide clause?

Every life insurance company has a two year contestability clause. If death occurs by suicide in the first two years of the policy (or however many years are stated if differe

What do you mean by 72-hour clause in engineering insurance policy?

any loss of or damage to the property described in the schedule arising during any one period of 72 consecutive hours, caused by flood, storm, tempest, water damage, subsidenc

Does a Will supersede A Life insurance beneficiary clause?

No, They are two separate legal documents with entirely different purposes. An insurance policy is a contract between the insured and the Insurance company. The insurance c