What are the codes for Vizio universal remote control for Lg blu-ray player codes?

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Philips universal remote codes for symphonic DVD player?

Symphonic DVD player WF-104 code for RCA universal remote model RCR311S is 30675. If this one doesn't work for you, then you just need to download the official Owner Manual for your particular remote. The RCR311S owner manual was in pdf online! Best Wishes-this can be a very frustrating problem!

You are looking for codes for a Philips universal remote control pm335?

Philips universal remote controls can operate audio and videodevices of any brands. You have to enter the code of the device inthe universal remote control. The codes are usually found in themanual or you can search through the library of codes by using theCode Search button of the remote.

What are the Remote control codes for lg tv?

I was able to get my two LG tv's to work using a Goldstar code 1018 (power, volume and mute). Apparently LG used to be Goldstar. Mine was using a Cisco tv remote control unit.

Uverse remote control code for Samsung Blu-ray DVD player?

I just figure it out for my Direct TV Remote Model #RC64R it's: 20199 for my Samsung BD-1400P. I had to go to the online support for Direct TV to get the answer. From the way I understand it each remote control manufacturer will have its own code. I also upgraded the firmware from Samsung so sound / (MORE)

What is the Dish network remote control code for the Emerson Jumbo Universal Remote?

I have provided instructions on how to program your DISH remote to your TV and the available TV codes. 632, 652, 679,682, 692, 661, 662, 657, 658, and 526. . Remotes: Basic (Television Only) . Turn the Television On. . Press and hold the clear TV button for three seconds until the LED flas (MORE)

What are the Verizon Remote control codes for a vizio?

Just spoke to a chat-rep at Vizio...she says: Cassandra : The codes for third party universal remote controls to control our soundbars would be 1517 and 31517 That said, I tried it with my 4-button Phillips Verizon Fios remote and my VHT-215 did not work with it, lol.

What is the best code for rca universal remote rcr312w for 42 vizio tv?

I want to tell you what just worked for me.... 1. Turn the component on that you want to program. 2. Press and hold that component key (TV, VCR/DVD, or SAT/CBL) on your remote. 3.Press ON/OFF button until your unit turns off.. 4. Press Stop button to program the "code" that you remote found to w (MORE)

What are the universal remote control codes for a RCA L40FHD41?

I have the universal codes to a GE universal for the RCA Tv's it says including plasma and lcd televisions...........They are as follows..........0031 0004 0048 0054 0094 0100 0102 0107 0129 0191 0005 0009 0000 0162 0163 0342 0003 0015 0022 0096 0113 0125 0179 0187 0188 :)

What is the code for Philips universal remote for lg plasma tv?

I am not sure what model of LG plasma TV that you have, but you will probably find the remote instructions for the remote that you have at: . http://www.remotecentral.com . This website hosts remote control codes for almost all universal remote controls.

Comcast remote control code for vizio soundbar?

After much research, here is a step-by-step for getting your VizioSoundbar to work with the Comcast remote using EFC codes (mine isthe newer charcoal grey one, works great!) Aux - Setup (2 blinks) - 11144 (2 blinks) Aux - Setup (2 blinks) - 994 - Setup - 00169 - Vol Up - Should get2 blinks Aux - S (MORE)

Dish network remote control code for Vizio Sound bar?

I have provided instructions on how to program the DISH remote to your Vizio sound bar. Address To Other Equipment Using Code . Remotes: Multiple Mode Buttons (TV, VCR, AUX) . Press and hold the desired mode button until all mode button back lights come on, then release. . Use the number but (MORE)

Vizio tv codes for one 4 all remote control?

There are many different versions of the Vizio TV so to programyour one 4 all remote try the following codes, three digit remotecodes; 502, 627, 004, 113, 505 or 011. Four digit remote codes;1758, 0178,1756, 0128, 0117, 1017, 1078, 0030, 0056, 0205 or 1292.Five digit remote codes; 10178, 10117, 1175 (MORE)

How can i find the GE universal remote code for a small flat screen Vizio?

If you cant find the code you can always hold down the set up key until the light blinks, then hit the tv key until it blinks again. Then continue to push the channel upbutton until the channel changes and then push the mute key or if its the remote that has enter or ok, push one of those to lock it (MORE)

What is dish remote code for vizio soundbar 210ws?

There are no current codes available for a Vizio Soundbar 210ws. Try a power scan to bring the code in, the steps are below! Power Scan to AUX: 1.) With the Soundbar on, press and hold the AUX button (about six seconds) on top of the remote until all mode button backlights come on, then releas (MORE)

What is the remote control code for LG LHB976?

Home theater in a box systems like the LG are rarely added to universal remote codes. The problem is classification. Are they a DVD player? Are they a receiver? They fall into many categories. The only remotes that are guaranteed to work are the Logitech Harmony series. Your LHB976 is supported.