What are the ATT U-verse remote control codes for an Element Electronics LCD TV?

If you have a black remote, try holding TV (with your television on) then pressing the 'zoom' button on the bottom right of the remote. Then press fast forward (FF) every seco (MORE)
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Sylvania tv remote codes?

hi need help with remote for my tv it was working fine this moring i hit a button an dont no what i did. an now nothing working ,i also call direct tv an they walk me thrugh a (MORE)

What are the att u-verse remote control codes for an Emerson LC195EM9 tv?

The ATT Uverse silver remote doesn't work well with Emerson TVs. Most will turn off with the correct code but NOT ON. Find the code that will turn OFF the Emerson TV.(volume s (MORE)

What is the att u-verse remote control codes for a coby lcd tv tftv3229?

After checking wiki about Coby I found out that Coby also is the OEM for Samsung. I'm using a S10-S3 At&T standard remote (black) but this should probably also work for S1 & S (MORE)