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Can you copy and paste videos from Youtube to Microsoft Powerpoint and if so how?

  Natively, you could provide a link in the PP presentation to the site video but other than that you could: Download the actual video using a downloading tool made spe (MORE)

How do copy and paste Youtube videos?

you mean copy and past a video to something all you have to do is right click on the URL drag your most across it then click on the left of you mouse scroll down to copy then (MORE)

On stardoll how do you copy and paste comments?

If you want to copy something (you can practice on this) at the front or end of a comment click and drag your mouse so it "highlights" what you want to copy. then click the ri (MORE)

How do you copy and paste youtube video link?

When you open a video page just see the top of the page on the browser, the URL showing there is your video link. Take your cursor there click once and then right click and se (MORE)
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How to get YouTube comments?

Inside your videos, you need to engage with your audience and  convince them to engage with you. How can you do that?   You can ask questions, ask for feedback, or even r (MORE)