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What are the differences between the carbon cycle water cycle and the nitrogen cycle?

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How is the water cycle different from the nitrogen cycle?

Water cycle is the cycle that H2O molecules go through. The nitrogen cycle is the cycle that nitrogen goes through as it changes from nitrate to nitrite to ammonia, all by bac

What are 2 similarities between carbon cycle and nitrogen cycle?

Similarities: Both of these are biogeochemical cycles,meaning that the chemicals spend a portion of the cycle in living things (hence the bio) and a portion in the nonliving

What is the relationship between carbon cycle and nitrogen cycle?

plans take them both in and convert them both to a form we (and  other animals) can use - sugars and proteins.  decomposers are the type of bacteria that break dead things d

What are the Differences between nitrogen cycle and water cycle?

they are totally different. the nitrogen cycle is how waste is converted by bacteria into ammonia, then nitrite, then nitrate, which is used by plants, and the plants are eate

Compare and contrast the water cycle nitrogen cycle and carbon cycle?

A water cycle, nitrogen cycle and carbon cycle are all considered  biogeochemical cycles. All these cycles are needed to sustain life  on Earth. The water cycle is the const