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What is A Hydro Dam?

Possibly not the best phrased question however you could say that a hydro dam is a dam that's primary function is the generation of hydropower. I note that under the heading o (MORE)

What are hydro dams?

They are dams that hold back water but also generate hydro electricity by using the force of gravity pushing the water down and through large generators in order to pass throu (MORE)
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How do you build a hydro dam?

Very carefully More seriously, there are two main types of hydrolectric installations: Impoundment, and run-of-river (there's also electricity generation from the tides, wav (MORE)
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Negative impact of building a dam?

Ugly, loss of land habitat, impedes silt from reaching lowland where it is important, impededs fish migration and reproduction, causes a risk of catastophic flooding if it fai (MORE)

How are hydro dams constructed?

You are most likely talking about how hydroelectric dams are constructed in China and around the world. First you must direct the current in the river by making a makeshift da (MORE)