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What are the effects of poor housekeeping in lodging establishment?

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Why housekeeping is the heart of the lodging industry?

Housekeeping is the heart of the lodging industry because they keep  the rooms tidy, which presents a good first impression. The  cleanliness of a hotel room plays a large p

What are the negative effects of poor sanitation practices of food service establishments?

Seriously? Besides things like hemoragic gastroenteritis and bloody stool, umm parylization and even death. None of which sound very fun to me. Most of the time it lots of...

Effects of poor housekeeping to the hospitality business?

Poor housekeeping is like death to the hospitality industry. Word  can get around that a certain hotel or facility is dirty as well as  being reviewed poorly online. This di

What is the effect of poor housekeeping to hospitality business?

  1. Possibly infecting anyone visiting or working in the facility with a disease.   2. Running the risk of losing visitors and employees because of an attractive and u
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What are the effect of poor housekeeping and good housekeeping?

Simply put poor housekeeping means a dirty house. A dirty house builds up bacteria, germs, and can lead respiration problems from poor indoor air quality and sickness from inc

Organisational chart of housekeeping department in a small and large establishment?

In a small-scale hotel the household management ranking, order  would start at the top with managerial housekeeper-lead  housekeeper-training housekeeper. In a large scale h