Does ghb freeze?

Yes. Not as easily as water tho due to the high salt content. The GHB would not get damaged by freezing it.

Is GHB grown naturally or manmade?

Gammahydroxybutyrate is a manmade compound.

Adderall and GHB together?

Excellent combo. And before anyone replies a word, you absolutely DON'T know anything about GHB. don't. Just because you "know a friend" or you "heard that it's l

How does GHB affect you?

It is a hypnotic/sedative agent with amnestic properties. It causes significant drowsniness and then sleep, followed by difficulty or inability recalling what happened during
What is the price of GHB in the black market?

What is the price of GHB in the black market?

Around 20$ a fluid oz. Most people take 5 ml to 'g out' for several hours. Higher doses are known to send the user into an unrousable sleep for several hours. Even higher ones
What are street names for ghb?

What are street names for ghb?

The street names of GHB are "G", "Liquid ecstasy", "Liquid X", "Grievous Bodily Harm" and may be others.   Here's the others:   GHB, "G" (most common), Gamma-OH, Liquid

What is GHB?

Gamma Hydrobutyric it is a depressant & it slows down your nervous system

What is GHB made from?

  I believe you are referring to GHB, gamma-Hydroxybutyric acid is a naturally-occurring substance found in the central nervous system, wine, beef, small citrus fruits, an
How much does ghb cost?

How much does ghb cost?

GHB is usually sold by the capful, and sells for $5 to $25 per cap. (Approx. 6 caps = 1 oz.)   via   via  

Is GHB legal in the UK?

Absolutely NOT ! Posession of GHB is a criminal offence in the UK - punishable by a lengthy spell at Her Majesty's Prison. Posession with intent to supply carries an even grea

What does combining GHB and Crystal Meth do?

I used to be a meth addict and also combined it with GHB quite frequently it's gives you a great feeling but GHB Is a very dangerous drug and meth is really addictive drug. I