What are the ingredients of GHB?

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Can ghb be detected through urine?

  Yes, but it is quickly and efficiently metabolized into water and carbon dioxide within 6 hours after ingestion. It can only be detected in urine samples for 8-12 hours (MORE)
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Adderall and GHB together?

Excellent combo. And before anyone replies a word, you absolutely DON'T know anything about GHB. Really...you don't. Just because you "know a friend" or you "heard that it's l (MORE)
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How does GHB affect you?

It is a hypnotic/sedative agent with amnestic properties. It causes significant drowsniness and then sleep, followed by difficulty or inability recalling what happened during (MORE)
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What is the price of GHB in the black market?

Around 20$ a fluid oz. Most people take 5 ml to 'g out' for several hours. Higher doses are known to send the user into an unrousable sleep for several hours. Even higher ones (MORE)
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What form does it GHB come in?

Ghb is a drug that is tasteless,colorless,and senseless..someone can drop the ghb into your drink when u arnt looking and drug you, without you even knowing it. It can also h (MORE)