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How do you make ghb?

Learn organic chemistry, But, if you want a basic idea google "Synthesis of GHB"
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How is ghb made?

Ghb is made by slapping your mom with a hippopatomus. If you can pick one up, I applaud you, sir. (quiet clapping) That's what you get for being a druggie! NOOB!
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What does GHB do to your body?

it can kill you one of the ways it can do this is by blocking the signal from the brain that controls autonomic functions of the body - especially the respiratory system in s (MORE)

What does GHB stand for?

The abbreviation GHB stands for gamma hydroxybutyrate. GHB is  frequently called a "club drug." GHB is also known as the "date  rape drug." A very common side effect of the (MORE)
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Is GHB addictive?

No it is not, it is naturally produced in your body in low levels. However like with any drug you will want to do it again if you have a good time on it.
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How does GHB affect you?

It is a hypnotic/sedative agent with amnestic properties. It causes significant drowsniness and then sleep, followed by difficulty or inability recalling what happened during (MORE)
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What did GHB come from?

I don't know, I think it was chemistry students mixing and experimenting with different combinations of drugs, and that is generally how every drug is found, and made, some le (MORE)
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Does ghb freeze?

Yes. Not as easily as water tho due to the high salt content. The GHB would not get damaged by freezing it.

What id ghb?

Gamma hydroxy butrate. it is a substance that in high doses can be a date rape drug but at lower and medium doses is similar to alcohol but with more euphoria. It was scheduel (MORE)

How expencive is ghb?

It depends on the area. I find that it costs around as much as ecstasy and it can be found at clubs where X hangs out. They seem to go hand in hand. $5-$10 per capsule is the (MORE)