What are the issues facing law enforcement today How do these issues coincide with those of the Department of Homeland Security?

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If a search warrant is issued for a duplex do law enforcement agents have to enter both apartments?

Answer . \nDuplexes have different addresses, therefore the agents would only enter the area that was designated in the warrant.\n. \nIf the warrant said duplex apartment "A" and "B" they would search both.\n. \nIf it only named one apartment they would only be able to search that one unless t (MORE)

What is the Department of Homeland Security?

Answer . The President George W. Bush established the Office of Homeland Security and the Homeland Security Council, following the tragic events of September 11. The officials of Department of homeland security develop and coordinate a comprehensive national strategy to strengthen protections ag (MORE)

Can you sue the Department of Homeland Security?

Answer . No. At least I certainly hope not.. Federal agencies can be sued depending upon the circumstances involved.. Homeland Security is a combination of federal law enforcement and investigation agencies, that being so, a specific agency would have to be named.. Example: An error committed (MORE)

Can you contribute money to the department of homeland security?

Answer . In short, no. The Department of Homeland Security is a branch of government not a charity, and therefore it cannot accept monetary contributions. The DHS works on money allocated to it by the government which comes from you (in the form of taxes) when all is said and done. So, as fun (MORE)

What issues are Buddhism people facing today?

Answer . htey live on the western side of world. ( like western china, asia, and over there.). 1. the person who typed the above: LEARN TO TYPE. 2. this answer has nothing to do with the question

What are issues Jews face today?

we Jews face a life of people that still look at us differentbecause what hittler did to us no one will ever forget and sopeople still treat us different because of it Answer 2 the same issues everyone faces we are all different Answer 3 Every new invention needs to be reviewed for possible halakhic (MORE)

What issues do Islams face today?

Muslims today face oppression, homelessness, being forced out of their homes, the palestine-israel conflict, being killed, crimes, wars, and etc.... The main problem the Muslims face is Hypocrisy. Most of them neither understand nor practice Islam. Allah's help is promised to the true Muslims. U (MORE)

When and why the Department of Homeland Security was created?

The Department of Homeland Security was created because of 9/11/ 01terrorist attacks and the threat of future terrorist attacks. Thedepartment cooperates with US internal law enforcement agencies. Italso shares terrorist information with other nations fightingterrorism. The department monitors Inter (MORE)

What issues face state legislatures today?

State legislatures have to make decisions on immigration,budgeting, and education. They have to choose to resolve issuesthat are important for their own individual state.

What departments make up the Department of Homeland Security?

The Department of Homeland Security was made by combining 22 federal agencies under one umbrella with a primary mission of protecting the American homeland from terrorist attacks. Some of the agencies within the Department of Homeland Security include the U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Secret Service, Immig (MORE)

What are the economic issues facing Germany today?

Education is the main issue in germany because there are some schools in germany that dont have a very good education economy is also an issue because of all the pollution here in germany health care is also an issue because there are no good doctors here and those are all the current issues in ge (MORE)

What were the causes of the department of homeland security?

\nThe Department of Homeland Security (DHS) was primarily caused by the attacks of September 11, 2001. In the wake of the attack, President George Bush ordered the founding of the DHS to conduct counter-terrorism activities and coordinate rescue operations from the attack.

What particular issues b'laan are facing today?

Bilaa people doesnt have enough modern knowledge about what is really happening in our country. they have scarce resources of foods. however, their rich and bountiful harvest makes a good living.

What is a current problem or issue that Jehovah's Witnesses face today?

I think if you would ask any active Jehovah's Witness, the most common answer you would hear is "apathy." That is, an attitude on the part of those that we talk to about the Bible that they do not care about the Bible, do not have time for the Bible, and in some cases do not even like the Bible. Thi (MORE)

What are the most ethical issues facing society today?

One of the top issues facing the world today is our view on life. Should we let abortion take place? What are to be are judgment on stem cell research This is has caused many groups to form such as right for life. Another issue that we see is the fact of the environment and how we are to treat this (MORE)

What issues does African Americans face today?

Health care . Breakdown in Family . Failure of urban k-12 schools . High incarceration rate of black men . Lack of opportunity and safety . There has been loss of industrial jobs and a failure to control crime in northern cities . Reduce of human life . Black women have nearly 30% of all abor (MORE)

What is security issue?

An security issue in our country is terrorism. And some of our country's people could be helping them.

How long does law enforcement have to issue a search warrant once it is signed by a judge?

Law Enforcement does NOT ISSUE Search Warrants . Search warrants are issued by judges, after law enforcement has made application for them by means of an 'affidavit.' Unless the judge puts a time limit restriction on the warrant he issues, it can be held for service until the situation (whatever it (MORE)

What is a current issue Romania is facing today?

Generalized corruption, economic, moral, cultural, institutional crisis, destroyed industry and agriculture, aculturation, a typical national mafia system, a parliament composed from idiots and gangsters, injustice, a ridiculous armee subordinated to Jewish-American interests, emmigration, terrorist (MORE)

Are off duty law enforcement officers required to carry a weapon while off duty under the homeland security act of 2001?

No. The Homeland Security Act and PATRIOT Act had no effect on off-duty officers and firearms. The Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act, also known as HR 218, was signed into law in 2004. It permits, but does not require , full-time American law enforcement officers in good standing to carry conceal (MORE)

Who pays for the Department of homeland security?

It's part of the US Federal Government budget, which means that in theory it comes from taxes and in practice it comes partly from taxes and partly from expanding the National Debt, which I guess means that at this point it's mainly China that's paying for it.

What are 5 issues facing your world today?

some issues are global warming, air pollution, and graffiti but we can stop the issues by helping like callin 911 and stop smoking and also another issue is that the athmosphere is breaaking we can stop it by not using airfresheners. 1 global warming 2 terrorism 3 global inequality 4 economic inse (MORE)

Is there a country law enforcement department?

Yes, FBI, CIA, NSA, US Coast Guard to some extent. they get involved in interstate crimes, etc. Added: To the list you may also add: the US Secret Service - The National Park Service - ICE - BATF - US Porder Patrol - actually . . . , any federal law enforcement agency who possesses the sworn aut (MORE)

Who issues law enforcement certifications?

Each state has a commission that certifies law enforcement officers at various levels of training and expertise. The most common name for these commissions is some variation on P.O.S.T. for Peace Officer Standards and Training, but the name varies from state to state. In Washington, for example, the (MORE)

What are the current ethical and moral issues facing today?

The ethical and moral issues that many businesses face today, have many of the same issues. What is or is not acceptable from one person to the next varies. Depending on ones own belief system. However, both ethic and morals of high standings are important to the success of and for any business. Gee (MORE)

What health issue do people face in Africa today?

Starvation, HIV, parasites, malaria, africa is the poorest part of the world and lack doctors and hospitals that is why they have these health problems. Also they are very uneducated so they do not know how to prevent these diseases.

What are three cultural issues Jews face today?

I'm sure there are more than three, but I'll discuss the first three that come to mind. 1) Assimilation. This is a phenomenon that eats away at the integrity of the Jewish community. Many (though not all) Jews have a low enough birth rate to begin with; and assimilation aggravates the situation, l (MORE)

What is the most important national issue that this generation is facing today?

There are many more than one, and none of them is more important than the others. Perhaps the elimination of the corruption that exists at the lowest to the highest levels of government might help solve the other problems. Additional issues: . The rise of Generation Entitled - no one owes you (MORE)