What are the names of the episodes in kyle xy where kyle and Amanda kiss?

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Where can you watch full length episodes of Kyle XY?

i love kyle xy. what i know is that itunes.com offers a lot of downloads on free and not free kyle xy episodes. there's also going to be a marathon on all episodes the day of the premeire leading up to the moment weve all been waiting for- the rest of season 2. if you cant download or cant watch the (MORE)

Where can you download kyle xy free?

free file hosting, 1-click file hosting ... kyle.xy.s02e17.real.repack.dsr.xvid-0t. ... It may take up to 10 sec. before download starts. ... sharedzilla.com/en/get?id=110647

Does cartman kiss kyle?

No, but in fat butt and pancake head cartman kisses kyle with a jeniffer Lopez hand puppet... oh and cartman tells kyle that he loves him in one episode.

When does Kyle XY start?

Well, the first half of Season 2 started airing on Monday, June 11th, 2007, and ended on Monday, September 3rd, 2007. The second half of Season 2 started again on 1/14/2008, and is going to air brand new episodes (non-stop) until Monday, March 17th, 2008 were either the premiere of Greek, or another (MORE)

What is Kyle XY?

Created by Eric Bress and J. Mackye Gruber, the 60-minute supernatural drama series Kyle XY was set in Washington state. Matt Dallas headed the cast as 17-year-old orphan Kyle, designated a "savant" because, although he possessed heightened intelligence, he was completely bereft of such normal human (MORE)

Was kyle xy cancelled?

Yes, ABC family has cancelled the show as of 1st of February 2009. The third season will finish it's 10 episode run.

Kyle XY is the tv show returning?

Unfortunately, no. Kyle XY on ABC will never return. ABC cancelled Kyle XY at the end of their 3rd season to make room for new shows such as The Secret Life Of The American Teenager. This is a great loss because personally i loved the show, and now will have to make up my own ending to Kyle's amazin (MORE)

How did kyle xy get his name?

well, the kyle is from the guy and the juvenile detention center's friend and the xy is from latynalk because he was experament xy and jessi was xx im pretty sure

Why is kyle xy ending?

the reason kyle xy ended was because of the show secret life having raised getting more viewers and having making kyle xy losing their viewers In Conclusion secret life was more popular and that's why they aired kyle xy at 9 and not at 8 kyle truly falls in love for jessy, Amanda goes to college to (MORE)

When is kyle XY ending shows?

kyle xy is going to end with the third season. in the third season, Cassidy, Kyle, and Jessie have some problems because Cassidy is makin a clone of kyle. he threatens him saying if you try to stop me I'm going to hurt the people you care about starting with Amanda. at the very end Kyle ends up stra (MORE)

What year did Kyle XY start?

I believe the show started in 2006 or 2007, but you should be able to go to ABCFamily's website and find out.

Do kyle and Amanda get back together in the series finale of kyle xy?

I'm nearly at the end of season 3 and Kyle has just told Amanda that he still loves her and she still loves him, but they aren't getting back together because of Kyle wanting to protect her. Also in the next episode apparently Jessi and Kyle get together. I couldn't help my self i skipped to the (MORE)

Did Kyle XY end?

Yes. they cancelled the series and we are now left with no answers about Latnok or anything else in the series. only more questions.

Why was Kyle XY cancelled?

The same reason almost every show gets cancelled, not enough viewers to justify the cost of the show.

What is going to happen to kyle xy?

Kyle XY was canceled January 31st 2009 after the show had finished shooting the season. At the very first there was some talk about a DVD movie but the ratings kept declining and the talk died down. So far the only closure ABC Family is offering faithful viewers is a interview from Julie Plec (co-wr (MORE)

Did they cancel kyle xy?

\nYes ABC Family officially canceled Kyle XY on January 31st 2009. People close to the show had a feeling felt like they could be cancelled back in August. Unfortunately since they had already had finished shooting the last episode the cast and crew could not go back and shoot a proper ending.\n. \ (MORE)

Why did kyle xy end?

It Is My Understanding That The Series Was Cancelled Due To Low Ratings. ------------- Yes, low ratings was a reason, but the bigger concern was that after 3 season, the story was not going anywhere. It started with a nice concept, but somehow it all got so mixed up that finally they had nothi (MORE)

Will there be a Season 4 of Kyle XY?

No . Kyle XY was cancelled in 2009 after Season 3. If you go to youtube and search "Kyle Xy Future Revealed" you will learn that the directors were planning on making 5 seasons which is why the series ended with a cliffhanger.

Will there be a Kyle XY season 4?

No . Kyle XY was cancelled in 2009 after Season 3. If you go to youtube and search "Kyle Xy Future Revealed" you will learn that the directors were planning on making 5 seasons which is why the series ended with a cliffhanger.

What is Matt dallas doing after kyle xy?

Lately, He's just been a couch potatoe now that Kyle xy is gone.Fortunately he has great friends to keep him busy and alert.. NOT TRUE!. Actually, to name a few things since Kyle XY finished shooting in the summer of 2008: Matt has appeared at or been involved with several charity events/performan (MORE)

Why was the show kyle xy cancelled?

Because not enough people were watching it for the advertisers to find it worthwhile to advertise during the commercial breaks. That is why every show is canceled.

Is there going to be more kyle xy?

Sadly, no. Season 3 was its last. All ABC Family wants these days are corny teen dramas like secret life of the American teenager and 10 things i hate about you.

What is the song for kyle xy?

The opening theme from Kyle XY, written by Michael Suby, does not have a title and does not appear on the series' soundtrack.

How many episodes in each season of kyle xy?

Well i'm not sure but i do know that in each of the 3 seasons there r not the same amount of episodes. I should warn u that at the end of the 3rd and last season of kyle xy there is a huge cliff hang! I guess they cancelled it b4 they could finish the series witch sucks

What is the name of the episode kyle sucks cartmans balls?

In the 3 part episode of ' Imaginationland ' Kyle bets Cartman that leprechauns aren't real, and if Cartman can proove they are real, Kyle has to suck Cartman's balls. :P Cartman proves they are real in part 1 (I think) and so Kyle was going to suck his balls then, but they kept getting interruped, (MORE)

How does kyle xy not have a belly button?

the belly button is somewhat a mark or scar signifying the connection of the baby to the mother during fetus development. the umbilical cord is the route all the nourishment from the mother take in order to get to the baby and is cut upon birth of the baby. Since kyle was grown in a pod, with the pi (MORE)

Is kyle xy an alien?

he is the clone of Adam Baylin. Jesse is also a clone. They left him in the tube things to let his brain and mental abilities to grow and that is the reason he can do the things he does. Being a clone is also the reason why he has no belly button.

Will kyle xy ever come back?

No they made a little short movie saying what will happen to Kyle 2) According to some websites, Some Network called YTV will air the show. There is no information as to weather it is a season 4 or re-runs. However, there seems to be small talk about SYFY and CW picking up on the show in 2012, but (MORE)

How did the writers say that the Kyle Xy series would have ended?

As I recall, Kyle would not ever get back with Amanda. Kyle would leave his family while Declan would take over for Tom Foss and become Kyle's protector. Kyle would then travel the world and become very messiah like. It would inevitably lead to Kyle creating world peace, everyone's happy, the end.

Can you make the next season of Kyle XY on DVD?

Can I personally, No I can't. If you're asking, can the makers put Season 4 exclusively on DVD... No. it's been three years since the show was cancelled and the actors and creators have moved on to other projects. If you're asking when does Season Three come out on DVD, that was released in Reg (MORE)