What are the names of the episodes in kyle xy where kyle and Amanda kiss?

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Where is kyle xy?

not sure what you mean but if you ment the channel ABC Family

Where can you watch full length episodes of Kyle XY?

i love kyle xy. what i know is that itunes.com offers a lot of downloads on free and not free kyle xy episodes. there's also going to be a marathon on all episodes the day of

What is Kyle XY?

Created by Eric Bress and J. Mackye Gruber, the 60-minute supernatural drama series Kyle XY was set in Washington state. Matt Dallas headed the cast as 17-year-old orphan Kyle

How did kyle xy get his name?

well, the kyle is from the guy and the juvenile detention center's friend and the xy is from latynalk because he was experament xy and jessi was xx im pretty sure

Do kyle and Amanda get back together in the series finale of kyle xy?

I'm nearly at the end of season 3 and Kyle has just told Amanda that he still loves her and she still loves him, but they aren't getting back together because of Kyle wanting

How many episodes in each season of kyle xy?

Well i'm not sure but i do know that in each of the 3 seasons there r not the same amount of episodes. I should warn u that at the end of the 3rd and last season of kyle xy th