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What are the possible consequences of anti mendicancy law?

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What are the possible consequences of computer piracy?

Computer piracy is very bad and can get you put in jail. It depends on the degree of piracy. Go to jail or get a big fine which you had better pay or else!   If you get ca

What are possible consequences of computer piracy?

  Just as an example, Microsoft has lost millions of dollars by Chinese pirates copying windows and Microsoft office free and distributing it. This costs lost sales and it

What is anti-mendicancy law?

Basically laws which attempt to control begging, pan-handling and related activities which are considered crimes, Vagrancy, etc. Mendicant in modern French, also spelled Mendi

What are mendicants?

The term mendicant (Latin mendicans, begging) refers to begging or relying on charitable donations, and is most widely used for religious followers or ascetics who rely exclus

What are the possible consequences of global warming?

(Another contributor wrote Probably the most worrying consequences of global warming will be the rise in sea level, especially in countries such as Bangladesh or the Nethe

What are possible consequences of artificial intelligence?

    The problem of simulating (or creating) intelligence has been broken down into a number of specific sub-problems. These consist of particular traits or capabiliti

What were the consequences of the anti war movement?

Eventually the end of the war... The anti war movements affected the reputations of the officials involved such as Johnson who didn't run in the election afterwards. The shor

What is the best possible outcome or future consequence for having the Sharia law What is the worst possible outcome or future consequence?

That depends on if you are a Muslim, if you are male, and if you are a very strict believer. Best for one person might be the worst for someone else. Someone who believes that