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What are the possible trade project title's in purchasing and supplies management?

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What PRINCE2 project management software to purchase?

  P2ware Planner Suite - is a set of very effective tools to plan and manage projects and programs, exploiting advantages of product based planning:   * P2ware Planne

What is the difference between purchasing and supply management?

Purchasing is a functional group that is in charge of the selecting, evaluating, negotiating, buying goods and services to maximise value of the organisation. The supply manag

Does supply management involve the purchase of supplies?

"Supply management may or may not involve the purchase of supplies. This really depends on the company you work for, and if your question is talking about a specific company a

Where can one purchase Prince2 Project Management?

The Prince2 Project Management can be purchased on the Prince2 website. The program is free if one is registered. Also available on the website is the Prince2 Management Manua