Do kids copy what they see on TV or do television programs copy them?

Television's Influence on Kids Some kids can copy what they see onTV. The fear isn't so much the TV but the internet. Tonight onChannel 11 Canadian news my husband and I witne (MORE)

Bought a coby tv and it's not on the list to program to the remote Does anyone know who makes coby or how to get your tv to work with the Direct TV remote?

Codes are remote control specific. Use your remote control manual (or your cable company guide) to find the code for your brand tv. If there is no code for your tv alot of tim (MORE)

How you save TV programs in a TV?

It is called recording but not every tv does it, some have recording capabilities already built in, if not then you will need a separate recording box, many are cheap now and (MORE)

How do you make your own TV program?

First, have an idea for the program. There are many people who try to make their own TV program without an idea and it shows! Next, it needs a script or a shooting order. Bef (MORE)