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What are the pros and cons when updating to iOS 10?

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Pros and cons of first 10 amendments?

By one perspective, the "pros" are that they're a great idea, the "cons" are that they are ignored in too many ways. By a less radical perspective, the "pros" are that they're

How do you update to ios 5?

Plug in your IPhone,IPod or IPad to your computer and load itunes 10.5 then it should tell you if you want to upgrade to 5.0 if you haven't already then it should do its stuff

What is in the IOS 5 update for the iPod?

The update contains over 200 new features, including the following: Notifications Swipe from the top of any screen to view notifications in one place with Notification CenterN

How do you update to the latest version of iOS?

You can update your iOS device (iPhone, iTouch, iPad) in two different ways: through the Settings app or through iTunes. Through Settings (recommended): Note: this method onl

How do you update iOS 3.2?

I don't know if it is supported anymore but if it is, connect you device to computer, open iTunes, and check for a new update
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How do you update to ios 6?

If you are running iOS 5, you can update to iOS 6.1.3 (or 6.1.4 on iPhone 5) by going into Setting>General>Software Update. If you are running iOS 3 or 4, you can update to th

How do you update your iPod to iOS 6?

go to settings then go to general click software update it will check for and update (you need wifi to do that).I should come up with an update for iOS 6 see if you have enoug