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What are the results of Odysseus's two mistakes?

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What were Columbus' two mistakes?

He thought the distance to Asia was closer than it really was and  he thought he was near the continent of Asia

What do you do if you take two 1Mg Arimidex tablets by mistake?

When you have a question like this about a medication, you should call your pharmacist or doctor immediately and not rely on an answer through WikiAnswers.    However,

What two mistakes did Saul make that cost him his dynasty and his kingdom?

Saul had more of a fear of man than he did of God: This is seen time and again as he does not follow the commands of God, but compromises out of his own insecurity. The two k

What is a 'mistake'?

  error, wrong action or statement

Who were Odysseus's friends?

He was friends with the other greek Kings involved in the Trojan War -- Nestor, Menelaus, Agamemnon, Achilles, Ajax.....etc. Odysseus was friends with his shipmates -- Euryl
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How can a scientist make sure that the results of an expiriment are not a mistake?

Run it again and again, double check it again and again and have others run the same experiment. It's difficult for a single scientist to make sure the results aren't a mist
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Where could you make mistakes in recombining DNA and what would the results be?

Recombination is a processes that results in changes to a genome. A mutation is a change in the nucleotide sequence. A mutation in a key gene may cause the cell to die if t