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Is 12 hour shifts safe?

  This has been a debate for at least the last century. How many hours can a caregiver work within their capacity before we see a degradation in performance to unacceptabl (MORE)

What are Wells Fargo shift hours?

    Wells Fargo has two types of branches, traditional, which are the stand alone stores you see everywhere, and the in-store, which can be found inside certain grocer (MORE)

What are day shift hours?

Day shift hours may depend on the place of work. Morning shift may  start at 8 AM and extend until 4 PM or from 9 AM until 5 PM.  Mid-Day shift usually starts around 1 PM or (MORE)

How many miles driving by car from shelbyville KY to shepherdsville KY?

40 miles taking this route:   # Take I-64 WEST (towards LOUISVILLE), from Shelbyville, to I-65 SOUTH to NASHVILLE, via I-265 GENE SNYDER FREEWAY - SOUTH around LOUISVILLE (MORE)

How many hours to drive to Paducah KY from Lou KY?

This is an approximate travel time . The actual travel time may change depending on traffic,weather conditions and the route chosen. The travel time between the above mention (MORE)