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What are the similarities of discrete characteristics and continuous characteristics?

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Is there a molecule with characteristics similar to that of ozone?

On Venus, the sulfur dioxide or sulfuric acid clouds absorb UV.   In the laboratory, H3+ (the "ozone form of hydrogen") gas has been produced and it attacks many of the sam

What are the similar characteristics of parrot and chicken?

Parrots and chickens are both birds, so they share numerous  characteristics:    They both have wings and are capable of flight, with the  exception of the kakapo (a N

What is discrete and continuous?

Discrete means tangible units (In statistics it is individual units in a data). Continuous is a linear/series in ascending/descending form/order of individual units. (In stat

What are the characteristics of continuous assessment?

Continuous assessment refers to an educational model in which  students are continuously assessed throughout their entire  education. Characteristics of this model include c

What does continuous and discrete?

"Continuous" means there's no smallest piece. If you pick two amounts, then no matter how close together they are, there's always an amount between them. Amounts of time,
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Why do siblings have similar physical characteristics?

Siblings look-a-like because they all have the same parents. Siblings don't look identical to their parents, they have variation in their characteristics. The same thing happe

What are the characteristics of continuous distribution?

The probability distribution function (pdf) is defined over a domain which contains at least one interval in which the pdf is positive for all values. Usually the domain is e