Social factors of eating disorders?

Answer . People with an eating disorder spend all of their time thinking about food and their weight. They do not socialize. They do not develop their social skills or lea (MORE)

What are social factors?

Social Factors We all live in either a multicultural or self society sothis means there are many factors that affect or direct ourlifestyle. These factors are called social f (MORE)

What are Four organizational social responsibility strategies?

(1) examine values and short-run profits to ensure that these concepts are in tune with the values held by society, (2) reevaluate their long-range planning and decision makin (MORE)

What are the social factors of Chlamydia?

Non-monogamous relationships . STI stigma in society preventing discussion and lack of willingness to pursue testing . Inadequate resources for testing and treatment . Poor (MORE)

What are the social factors in eating?

We, as a society, are very social people. Alot of group activities are centerd around eating, whether it is a potluck for a family reunion or a party. Even a business meeting (MORE)