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Factors to social change in Pakistan?

Factors of Social Change in Pakistan 1. Technological and Economic Changes: (Agriculture advancement, industrialization) 2. Modernization: standardizing as towards modern (MORE)

Social factor why people lie?

  Essentially, according the majority of psychologists, people lie to look good both to themselves and to others. When people feel their self-esteem is threatened, they wi (MORE)

What is socialization?

Socialization is interaction in a social group or community  as a life-long process through which from the formative phase to  maturity learn skills and attitudes to functio (MORE)

Five factors of social stratification?

factors of social stratification 1. power 2. prestige 3. Occupation 4. education
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What is social orientation and factors affecting it?

Social orientation is focus more on maintaining good relationships with their subordinates and colleagues. Focus more on collective concerns and Interpersonal relationship is (MORE)

What are the social factors affecting communication with the elderly?

  the social factors affecting communication with the elderly are that the younger generation are mostly ignorant and selfish.   that causes the elderly not to speak th (MORE)

Social and economic factors for Scotland?

this website is not reliable because well look anyone can type anything in and say it is an answer or a fact. like i am doing right now. so make sure the website you are using (MORE)