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What are the ten political factors that affects hospitality and tourism?

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How Might the political ideology of a government affect the country tourism?

In the first place it depends whether tourism is really wished for by the government. Countries with governments that uphold strong (local) moral codes do not want tourism, be

What geographical factors affect international tourism?

There are several factors that affect international tourism. Geographical features can refer to both human and physical geography, therefore the factors are a combination of b

What is the importance of tourism in hospitality industry?

Tourism has a great importance to the hospitality industry because  without tourism, many in the hospitality industry would not have  work. Many hotels and restaurants rely

What are the factors affecting tourism in South Africa?

One of the main factors affecting tourism in South Africa is the  crime rate. Tourists are taken advantage of and robbed of personal  property. Tourists might also be murder

How do Philippine laws affect hospitality or tourism?

Philippine laws govern the rights and obligations of stakeholders in the hospitality and tourism industry. It provides for their rights, liabilities and even benefits as presc

Political factors affecting business?

1. Stability of the government 2. Government type (dictatorship, democratic, monarchy, etc) 3. Economic policy of the government 4. Trade policy 5. Diplomatic events i

What are factors affecting tourism?

factors of tourism Cultural history,National parks(like in africa),Rivers lakes,oceans (those with or without beaches) other activities happen on these water bodies. Other fa