What are the top five NBFC in India?

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Which is the top MBA college in India?

The current to four are (based on December 2016); Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIM-A) Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta (IIM C) XLRI - Xavier School of Management Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode

Top pharmacy college in India?

visit www.mycollez.com for more information 1) College of Pharmacy, Pushp Vihar, Sector III Mehrauli Badarpur Road, New Delhi 110017 Delhi 2) Bhupal Nobels College, Department of Pharmacy, Udaipur 313001 Rajasthan 3) A R College and G H Patel, Institute of Pharmacy, Vallabh Vidyanagar 388120 (MORE)

What are the five largest peninsulas in the world My guess is Arabia India Quebec and Alaska- are these is the top 5?

You are correct! The large area of land bordered by the Bay of Bengal, Thailand and the South China Sea, usually called IndoChina or SouthEast Asia and is about 762,000 square miles making this landmass one of the three largest peninsulas in the world (after Arabia Peninsula and the Indian Subcontin (MORE)

Which is the top ten bank in India?

\nThe bank that believes in innovation and practice with the people , for the people and by the people is UNION BANK OF INDIA. With its new approach and marketing policies and it's services the back will definitely flourish.\n. \nI vote for UNION BANK OF INDIA.

India top 100 entrepreneur?

Top 50 Indian Entrepreneurs in India are as follows: . Rana Kapoor - Yes Bank . Hrush Bhatt, Cleartrip Travel Services . Alok Aggarwal, Evalueserve . Lt. Col. H S Bedi, Tulip Telecom . C S Bhaskar, Naturol Bioenergy . S Kishore & K A Sastry, KSK Energy Ventures . Pujit Aggarwal, Orbit Corpo (MORE)

Top 10 cities of India?

Top 10 cities of India in 2011 are: (According To Reuters and India Today report) Cities W I D P S . Delhi - 2 1 1 2 Delhi . Mumbai - 1 4 9 1 Maharashtra . Bangalore - 6 2 2 3 Karnataka . Chennai - 4 3 3 5 Tamilnadu . Hyderabad - 7 5 7 6 Andhra Pradesh . Kolkata - 9 6 8 4 West Bengal (MORE)

Top mca colleges in India?

SNo.. Colleges/Institutes. Eligibility Criteria. Number of Seats. 1.. Pune University. 50% marks in Graduation. 60. 2.. Delhi University. 50% marks in graduation and at least 2 Maths papers in graduation (or) one Maths and one Statistics or Computer Science. 40. 3.. J. N. U., New Delhi. (MORE)

What are the top engineering colleges in India?

The website Indianomics recently released a list of top engineeringcolleges in India. Here are the top 10 for 2009: 1. Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur 2. Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur 3. Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay 4. Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi 5. Indian Ins (MORE)

What is NBFC?

The full form of NBFC is Non Banking Financial Corporation. Its a part of financial institution.

List of top universities in India?

Top 10 Universities (For Engineering- Besides IIT's) 1) Delhi University (DU) 2) Mumbai University 3) University of Pune (UoP) 4) Anna University (Chennai) 5) JNTU University (Hyderabad) 6) KUSAT University(Kochin) 7) Bangalore University colleges under these universities are reall (MORE)

Who are the top five tea producing companies in India?

Hindustan Unilever Limited is the largest supplier of teas in the world; it's most widely recognized brand is Lipton Teas\n. \nTata Tea Ltd is the second largest supplier of branded teas in the world, producing 40 million kilograms. It's most widely recognized brand is Tetley Teas

Who are the top 10 entrepreneurs in India?

The 10 most famous entrepreneurs from India all have the same entrepreneurial spirit. These ten entrepreneurs did not inherit wealth from their families, or sign million dollar sport contracts. Each of these ten entrepreneurs started with a dream in a country that is known for producing successful e (MORE)

Top five toughest exam of India?

Top five toughest exams in India are as follows:- 1.CSE conducted by UPSC(there is no exam near this in terms of anything so don't try to change it just for the sake of giving your views) 2.IIT JEE(this indeed is second toughest as it's toughness level and number of candidates both are highe (MORE)

NBFCs in India?

Its called Non Banking Financial Companies.. Indian laws allow a private finance company to accept public deposits & conduct finance business, provided it complies with Reserve Bank of India's guidline.

Top Five Consumer durable company in India?

Dear All, Top 20 FMCG Companies in India . 1. Hindustan Unilever Ltd.. 2. ITC (Indian Tobacco Company). 3. Rasna International. 4. GCMMF (AMUL). 5. Dabur India Ltd. 6. Asian Paints (India). 7. Cadbury India. 8. Nestlé India. 9. Britannia Industries Ltd.. 10. Procter & G (MORE)

Top five banks of India where IBAN is not necessary?

An International bank account number (IBAN) is required whencompleting international transfers or payments between banks. Banksin India do not use the IBAN codes they use SWIFT instead, so youare free to use any Indian bank for your transaction.

What is difference between bank and nbfc?

Banks are incorporated under banking companies act but while as NBFC are incorporated under company act of 1956....Banks can issue cheques on its name but while as NBFC cannot do so.....Banks can accept deposit from general public contrary Nbfc cannot do the same.

Top colleges for M.tech in India?

All top engineering colleges offer M.Tech degrees and most of the fortune 500 companies visit there for recruitment. The class of top schools include. 1. Indian Institute of Science 2. Indian Institute of Technologies 3. National Institute of Technologies 4. Central Universities in India (MORE)

Top 10 nits in India?

1.Agartala "great for Gaanja and Drinks" 2.surathkal "has its own sea beach" 3.warangal 4.allahabad "best for cs mechenical" 5.nagpur "located in great state" 6.bhopal 7.kurukshetra "highest fee" 8.raurkela 9.jaipur "least fee" 10.jallandhar

What are the top ten university in India?

It depends upon which specific area you are asking about like engineering, law, science, management etc. Top good Universities in India are Delhi University, Pune University, Mumbai University, Bangalore University, IGNOU, Anna University, IIT's. Top Universities (For Engineering- Besides IIT's) (MORE)

What are the top medical colleges in India?

Hi People, Here is the list of top medical college's in INDIA. These are thecollege's with amazing popularity, ROI, placements and many otheraspects. Do try in these college's. 1. AIIMS 2. CMC Vellore 3. Santosh University, UP 4. Maulana Azad Medical College, Delhi 5. KEM Mumbai 6. JIPMER Pondicherr (MORE)

Top 10 airports in India?

Top 10 airports in terms of passenger traffic. 1 Mumbai 2 Delhi 3 Chennai 4 Hyderabad 5 Bangalore 6 Kolkata 7 Cochin, Kerala 8 Ahmedabad, Gujarat 9 Goa 10.Thiruvanthapuram (Trivandrum, Kerala) This is in terms of international connectivity and number of passengers. Acc (MORE)

What are the Top five art colleges in India?

Top five Art Colleges in India:-. 1:Loyola College (Hyderabad). 2:Ramjas College (Delhi). 3:ST.Stephens College (Delhi). 4:Lady Sri Ram College (Delhi). 5:ST.Xaviers College (Mumbai)

Who are the top leading businessmen in India?

The top ten leading business men in India, in no particular orderare: Mukesh Ambani is the Chairman and Managing Director ofReliance Industries and Director of Bank of America; Anil Ambani isthe Chairman of Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group.Ratan Tat was theChairman of Tata Group (till December 2012); Kum (MORE)

Different types of NBFC?

Ø Equipment Leasing Companies. Ø Hire-Purchase Companies. Ø Loan Companies. Ø Investment Companies. From 6 th December, 2006, the NBFCs are: 1) Investment Company (IC) 2) Loan Company (LC) 3) Asset Finance Company (AFC)

List of top nbfc in kerala?

Muthoot Finance Manappuram Muthoot Fincorp Popular Finance Chemmannorr Gold Loan PNY Sabha Poonkavanam Finance Mini Muthoot Gold Loan

Top banks in India?

The top ten banks in India are: . State Bank of India . Axis Bank . ICICI Bank . HDFC Bank . Punjab National Bank . Indian Bank . Indian Overseas Bank . Canara Bank . Union Bank of India . Central Bank of India . Please Note that the list above is not in any particular order. They are j (MORE)

What are the top ten banks in India?

The top ten banks in India are: a. State Bank of India b. Axis Bank c. ICICI Bank d. HDFC Bank e. Punjab National Bank f. Indian Bank g. Indian Overseas Bank h. Canara Bank i. Union Bank of India j. Central Bank of India Please Note that the list above is not in any particular order. The (MORE)

Which are the top 20engineering colleges in India?

Engineering is one of the most popular carriers among Indian students. This field is always in demand and because of this many engineering colleges are being opened in the country every year. On this page an engineering aspirant can find out their desired destination of different states Engineering (MORE)

What are the nbfc competing with banks?

NBFC stands for Non-Banking Financial Company. It is a company that provides financial services to customers but does not accept customer deposits and provide deposit accounts (like savings account, checking account etc.) Some of the NBFCs in India are: a. Religare Asset Management Company b. (MORE)

What are the top engineering college in India?

You can always prefer the Indian Institute Of Technologies if you prefer the Government Colleges. But if you rely on the Private Colleges, you have a vast of options like BITS - Pilani, BIT - Ranchi, IIIT, Hyderabad and many more.

Top ten businessman in the India?

1. Mr. Zaheer Husain MD., IDCE- Managing Director, IRTO- Managing Dircetor, 2. Mukesh Ammbany, Relince... 3. Rathan Tata 4. Brill Groups of Company.., 5. Kalanithi MAran ... Sun Network 6. Karthick Kmk Gruops of company &. Palaniyandi Pencam Grops 9. Tvs Kalyana sundharam.. 10. Ganesh ... (MORE)

Is kotak mahindra an NBFC?

NBFC stands for Non-Banking Financial Company. It is a company that provides financial services to customers but does not accept customer deposits and provide deposit accounts (like savings account, checking account etc.) Kotak Mahindra Bank is a private bank that started banking operations in Feb (MORE)

What are the top five religions in india?

Hinduism, first; Islam second, Christianity third, then either animinism or Buddhism. There are also small but significant communities of Jainism and Zorastrianism, and in the north, the Sikhs.

What are the top five hot news in India?

Its very easy to say always gossips of cine actors got first place in Hot news. For now, Anna Hazare's Lokpal related news are hot. Always Politics relate news have good virality compared to others.

What is the meaning and full form of NBFC?

NBFC is a NON BANKING FINANCE COMPANY Which lends money for intrest and also collects cash deposits and pays intrest for the depositors . NBFC are regulated by RBI eg;Sundaram Finance

How nbfc is different from bank?

NBFC stands for Non-Banking Financial Company. An NBFC is a financial company that provides services like mortgage loans, financial advisory services etc but does not provide banking services like saving/checking accounts, fixed deposits etc. NBFC's can provide any financial service but they cannot (MORE)

How is NBFC different from commercial bank?

NBFCs lend and make investments and hence their activities are akin to that of banks; however there are a few differences as given below: i. NBFC cannot accept demand deposits; ii. NBFCs do not form part of the payment and settlement system and cannot issue cheques drawn on itself; iii. deposit ins (MORE)

What is the role of top nephrologist in India?

The top nephrologist in India is atrained physician who has specialised degree in diagnosing andtreating adult and pediatric kidney diseases. He ensures that aperson's kidneys maintain good health and function properly. Thevarious diseases treated by him are chronic & polycystic kidneydiseases, ac (MORE)