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What is a convalent bond?

I believe the qustion should read "what is a covalent bond". A covalent bond is a bonding interaction that comes about due to the effects of quantum mechanics and involves th

What is convalent compounds?

Do you mean covalent compounds? Covalent compounds are compounds made when atoms form chemical bonds by sharing electrons. The other main type of chemical bond is the ionic bo

What percentage of the US population is wheelchair-bound?

In 1995 according to UCSF - DSC the NHIS-D data put the non-institutional bound population that was wheelchair-bound at 1.6 million. At that time according to NPG.org the US p

Use bound in a sentence?

Bound, like many words in the English language, has several different meanings, so there are different ways of using it in a sentence. I am bound for New York. I am bound to s