What are the uses of sharks?

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What do you use sharks for?

Some people use sharks for flip flops, food, fabric, and to keep them from eating people. All of this is wrong. I highly suggest not doing any of this.

Do sharks use sonar?

Many species of sharks do not use sonar, as they have very effective senses, but some species are thought to. The hammerhead shark, in particular, is thought to use sonar wave

Why sharks are useful?

sharks play important role in the ecosystem and without them our ocean would be toxic and filled with sick and dying fish. Sharks are at the top of the food chain so without t
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How use shark in war?

The Germans first discovered that they could use sharks to their advantage when Hitler's other testicle was eaten while swimming in the meditteranean. He saw the savage way in
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How do humans use shark fins?

some people eat shark fin soup. it is considered a delicacy. they also use the fins to go and when dried up they make vitamins that help patients with arthritis or ruemitism.
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What do they use shark skin and shark teeth for?

scientists are studying shark skin to come up with a material to put on the bottom of boats so they don't get barnacles. Sharks never have barnacles on their skin. this is not