What are the uses of sharks?

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How do you use a Game Shark SP?

same as an ar put the game and look for the code you want -- There are no pictures that show how to use the gameshark with Gameboy Advance SP but someone posted a video showing how it is used here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5qREbr44MNM Explanation starts at seconds 1:15

How do you use game shark?

For what console? I used it for N64 and all you have to do for that is put it in the slot then put the game on top of it.

Who to use a Nintendo DS game shark?

Action Reply DS . Who to use? Don't you mean 'Who uses the Nintendo DS game shark?'? Well if you do, I do. Well, I use action reply, which is virtually the same as game shark, in this case, I think action replay is better than game shark (for DS). You can do all sorts of things with it, unli (MORE)

What does a saw shark use it saw for?

First let me explain one thing. The "saw" on the saw shark is realy its teeth so it uses its "saw" to slice 'n dice its food. It can also stun fish, that way this shark can eat the fish without chasing it. It protects the shark because of its enemies and no - maybe from its prey or predators.

Can you use game shark codes on a game shark sp?

Yes you can use game shark codes on a game shark sp. There is no difference between the game shark for the GBA and the game shark for the GBA SP. you have to click your game to the side and cheats will pop out , you click the cheats you want and prees start

Are sharks useful to humans?

Unfortunately, yes. In some countries, sadly, people kill sharks just for their fins, and make shark fin soup out of it. That's bad enough, but even worse, they don't even use the rest of the shark's body! They just throw it back into the sea.\n. \nSo, basically, the answer is yes, but in a bad way (MORE)

How do you get mew by USING a game shark?

i kno u only want the code for mew but that would be too little, so I'll give u my whole collection (these codes are for pkmn sapphire) Abra 8EE6264B7FA5506A Aerodactyl 11F5BC3EFD0E5DD3 Aipom 8F7B8FA551BE6519 Alakazam A52F239F157183AA Ampharos 03DB2EDAF1498315 Arbok E8B3D4787DB12D1A Arcanine C99 (MORE)

How do human use sharks?

Sharks help clean the ocean by eating dead fish. Shark eyes are used for cornea transplants. Their oil is used for make up, like lipsticks and face creams. And is also used for a paint base. Wax for candles and lighting fuel. Shark fins are also prized for soup.. . Geo safari undercover series. Sha (MORE)

How do sharks use energy?

Sharks, like all animals, use energy for many different processes, prime among them movement (Swimming/hunting) and respiration.

How do sharks help us?

\nif you are talking gamesharks they give you cheat codes to help you beat the game you are playing but regular sharks keep dead fish out of the water

What do you use sharks for?

Some people use sharks for flip flops, food, fabric, and to keep them from eating people. All of this is wrong. I highly suggest not doing any of this.

Do sharks use camouflauge?

Sharks use camouflage to hide both from their predators and prey. You can see that the sharks upper part is darker than the belly.

Do sharks mean to hurt us?

ANSWER According to people who study them, the answer is "No". Sharks seem to be incapable of emotion as humans know it. There is Nothing personal in their behavior. Sharks merely respond to stimuli, and almost all of their stimuli receptors are geared toward finding food; therefore, anything mov (MORE)

What is shark fins used for?

Their side fins help to keep them stable and not to roll. They use their tail for locomotion and can be used as a weapon to hit other sharks or prey.

What do sharks use for buoyancy?

Sharks employ a number of mechanisms to maintain their position in the water column, one is physiological in the form of an enlarged liver with a large oil content. The other ways are morphological. The pectoral fins are aerofoils (like the wings of a plane), being convexly curved on the dorsal side (MORE)

Why do sharks eat us?

When they pick up the scent for blood they go mad and bite and rip anything apart, so anything with blood they will destroy, not just humans.

Do you have to use a game shark?

no you don't but most people do anyway to get rare Pokemon from Pokemon silver or Pokemon gold and to get Pokemon a lot easier

What do people use shark for?

They use them mostly for their fins to make shark fin soup it's very popular in china and I think that's got to stop!

Do sharks use sonar?

Many species of sharks do not use sonar, as they have very effective senses, but some species are thought to. The hammerhead shark, in particular, is thought to use sonar waves detection.

What is the uses of great white sharks?

If your saying what uses do great whites have for them self they have the black top to blend in the ocean so nothing could see it from above.Also a 6th sense which lets it feel electricle fields.Finally it's speed which is 43MPH!

Are shark fins used for soup?

Yes they are. But I consider it animal cruelty because people catch these sharks and cut off their fins while they are still alive, then throw the poor thing back into the water still alive to drown and die.

What are sharks teeth used for?

It depends on the shape and size of the tooth and what shark they belong to. A tiger shark's tooth is used to crush it's prey ( turtles ) and to grab onto the prey so it won't escape easily. mako shark's teeth are used for slicing it's prey and keeping it from slipping away out of it's mouth. Almost (MORE)

Why sharks are useful?

sharks play important role in the ecosystem and without them our ocean would be toxic and filled with sick and dying fish. Sharks are at the top of the food chain so without them the whole ocean ecosystem would fall apart

How use shark in war?

The Germans first discovered that they could use sharks to their advantage when Hitler's other testicle was eaten while swimming in the meditteranean. He saw the savage way in which it was attacked and thought 'Ja, this ist gut'. He used his contacts to source a suitable place to supply his shark ne (MORE)

How do humans use shark fins?

some people eat shark fin soup. it is considered a delicacy. they also use the fins to go and when dried up they make vitamins that help patients with arthritis or ruemitism. it is also good for cancer. but the act of getting the sharks fin is cruel. They simply slice the fin off of the shark and th (MORE)

What do they use shark skin and shark teeth for?

scientists are studying shark skin to come up with a material to put on the bottom of boats so they don't get barnacles. Sharks never have barnacles on their skin. this is not because they swim fast but because there are tiny rides in their skin. Shark teeth as I've heard so far are used for nothing (MORE)

How is shark finning useful to humans?

It's useful in the way that the fishermen gets payed for thefins, then someone else gets payed as the fins gets turned intosoup. . But it's not something we really need, and since the fishing islargely uncontrolled it may well lead to environmental disaster, orat least disaster for the sharks.

How do whale sharks use energy?

Whale sharks are very large organisms. Though, they feed on one of the smallest organisms, krill. Krill eat plankton, which is what gives them energy.Then, Whale sharks eat the krill for their energy. They then use this energy by simply swimming.Though this seems easy to do, a Whale shark is much la (MORE)

Do people use shark as boats?

No, sharks are not boats. That should be pretty clear. However, sharks have been known to be very social, and if people treat them well, and with respect, sharks have been known to tow someone in the water to safety. You grab onto a Great White's dorsal fin, and they will take you for a ride. But y (MORE)

How does the whale shark use water?

Well first of all, whales sharks live in water and their food lives in the water. Also they drink water too. I hope this helps and please recommend me! .

Why do sharks impact us?

There are many reasons why a shark can impact humans such as -first, for food (which rarely happens because they usually eats fish) -secondly, it feels frighted so it has to attack to defend it self from the predators/humans because a lot of sharks But you shouldn't complain The average shark at (MORE)

Why do sharks kill us?

Surprisingly, human deaths from sharks are actually very rare. Onlya handful of deaths occur each year. Great whites, tiger sharks andbull sharks have been known to attack people, viewing them as prey.Great whites, in particular, occasionally mistake surfers forseals, as they have a similar outline (MORE)