What are the uses of sharks?

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Are sharks useful to humans?

Unfortunately, yes. In some countries, sadly, people kill sharks just for their fins, and make shark fin soup out of it. That's bad enough, but even worse, they don't even use

What do you use sharks for?

Some people use sharks for flip flops, food, fabric, and to keep them from eating people. All of this is wrong. I highly suggest not doing any of this.

What is the uses of great white sharks?

If your saying what uses do great whites have for them self they have the black top to blend in the ocean so nothing could see it from above.Also a 6th sense which lets it fee

Are shark fins used for soup?

Yes they are. But I consider it animal cruelty because people catch these sharks and cut off their fins while they are still alive, then throw the poor thing back into the wat

What are sharks teeth used for?

It depends on the shape and size of the tooth and what shark they belong to. A tiger shark's tooth is used to crush it's prey ( turtles ) and to grab onto the prey so it won't
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Why sharks are useful?

sharks play important role in the ecosystem and without them our ocean would be toxic and filled with sick and dying fish. Sharks are at the top of the food chain so without t
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What do they use shark skin and shark teeth for?

scientists are studying shark skin to come up with a material to put on the bottom of boats so they don't get barnacles. Sharks never have barnacles on their skin. this is not