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What are three rules to help prevent the transmission Of disease?

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How can exercise help prevent heart disease?

  Regular physical activity helps prevent heart disease by increasing blood flow to your heart and strengthening your heart's contractions so that your heart pumps more bl

How does washing your hands help prevent the spread of disease?

Microbes that cause disease are actually "things". Things that can be washed off like dirt. They can be washed off your hands before you touch yourself with the germs still on

How does skin help prevent diseases?

Well, to answer your question, first understand that the skin is part of the body's integumentary system. This is essentially the skin and all of it's appendages, like fingern

How can a vaccine help prevent an infectious disease?

First of all a vaccine for a disease is pretty much a small version of the disease itself. Don't get worried though. The vaccine is weaker but still helps. When injected the v