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What are two of the three exercise components that you had to incorporate into your firness plan?

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What components of fitness do you need to incorporate into a fitness plan to develop and maintain physical fitness?

Three major components of are: 1) muscle strength, 2) muscle endurance and 3) muscle flexibility, so the key elements of a strength plan would need to incorporate activities t

What are three exercises that are pull exercises?

For brute pulling strength, the deadlift is, to me, the best overall exercise. Your hamstrings, your quadriceps, your glutes, your entire back, your biceps, your forearms, and
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Why are socks important components of exercise?

Socks are extremely important to exercise. They keep grip in your shoes preventing blisters. For example in a basketball tournament i wore new socks(never wear new socks wear
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What components is an exercise trampoline made of?

The main components of any trampoline are the frame, the bed, and the springs. Most trampolines intended for use as exercise at home have a bed made of canvas or a woven plast