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What are two properties that cause different materials to migrate up paper at different rates when carried by a solvent (separate when in a mixture)?

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What are the different ways to separate mixtures?

I don't know if this is all. Here are a few: -- Fractional distillation -- Centrifugation -- Settling -- Precipitation -- Filtration --evaporation --codensation/di

What are the different Techniques in separating mixtures?

  1 A magnet can be used to separate IRON from SAND.   3. Filtering (filtration) can be used to separate a solid (or suspension) from a liquid.   4. Evaporation can

What mixture is made up of different material that can easily be separated?

Heterogeneous mixtures are mixtures that can easily be separated. For instance, sand mixed with water is a heterogeneous mixture that can be separated by filtration. Another e