What are vaccines for imfluenza made from?

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What are vaccines made from?

Vaccines are made in several ways. However, all vaccines have the same general goal: weaken the virus or bacteria in a way that allows the recipient to develop an immune respo

Who made the polio vaccine?

Two were made at almost the same time Saulk is credited with the one we used first. We certainly had issues at first and some contracted polio that would not have otherwise. I

How are vaccines made?

A short answer: The vaccines are made by isolating and growing culture samples of the organism causing the disease. The laboratory uses a medium to grow the organisms. Then

What is a vaccine made of?

You would have thought that vaccines are made of antibodies that fight against the disease that is supposed to. But the real fact is that the vaccine contains a modified type

What are vaccines for influenza made from?

If the influenza vaccine is to be made from a live virus, then the strain is selected, grown, and then weakened (usually chemically) to be able to trigger an immune response b
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How is vaccination made?

They take the virus and reduce its affects and dilute it in very small quantities and add sterile water. So when injected in the bodie it kills the virus easy and the body rem
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When was the polio vaccination made?

Poliomyelitis as two vaccines: Jonas Salk developed the first in 1952 and used first in 1955. This vaccine used an inactive virus. Albert Sabin developed an attenuated vaccine