What are your long term professional goals for occupational therapy?

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How should you answer 'What are your long term goals'?

The main thing is to just be honest. Think about what you reallywant to do with your future and where you want to be. Surely thereis something you'd rather be doing if time and money were noobject. If you truly cannot think of anything, then just be honestthat you are still trying to decide those.

What is your long term career goal?

There are a number of long term career goals a person may have.They may wish to make so much money over their working career forexample.

Long term career goal?

Answer . get the book 'what color is your parachute' read it and do it

What are your long term personal goals?

There are many different possible long term personal goals. Aperson may choose to want to become self-sufficient for example.

Long term goals and short term?

What are your long term and short term career goals ? My short-term goal is to get recruited in a company.

What are long term career goals?

To remain a valued employee of this company and it expands and know the skills i have learned and used have helped expand its growth

What are your academic long term goals?

A person may have many educational goals. Educational goals mayinclude getting a bachelor's degree or a master's degree in a fieldof study that they enjoy.

What is the difference between educational goals and short term professional goals?

Educational goals are long-term in nature: what classes will you take/how will you educate yourself to prepare for the career you hope to have? For instance, if you want to become a doctor, your educational goals would be to get a Bachelor's degree in Pre-Med, apply to medical schools, attend and co ( Full Answer )

How long would it take to get a masters degree in Occupational Therapy?

Occupational therapists must be licensed, requiring a master's degree in occupational therapy, 6 months of supervised fieldwork, and passing scores on national and State examinations.. Education and training. A master's degree or higher in occupational therapy is the minimum requirement for entry ( Full Answer )

What are your long-term and short-term goals?

When you are asked this question on an application you need to givespecific examples to demonstrate you are interested in moving yourcareer forward. You should focus on goals within the first 12months, so that reviewers understand you initial approach.

What are the long term goals?

Long-term goals refer to goals that a person has for the course oftheir lives. For instance, getting married and having children arelong-term goals.

What is long term goal?

A long term goal is something that you want to do later in life. Itusually has a time span of five years or more.

What is the long term goal of an accountant?

The long term goal of an accountant is to make sure that thecompany he works for has ready access to financial information thatare crucial for decision making. He also carries out advisoryroles.

Short term professional goals?

Short term professional goals could be to learn everything you canabout your job. To create new and successful projects or become agreat contributor to the team.

Example of long term goal?

After I complete my novel and collect all the royalties, I plan to purchase a yacht and vacation in the Mediterranean.

Define long term goals?

A goal that you have to work hard for, you have to cut it down into many short term goals and work your way up until you reach that long term goal.

What are your long term interest and goals?

A person is often asked what his long term interests and goals arewhen he is in a job interview. It is a good idea to have an answerready so you are not hesitant when asked. Having long terms goalsshows the interviewer that you have a plan to advance your careerand will be an asset to the company.

What are long term and short term goals?

Long term goals are goals for the future or that will last a while, short term goals are goals that will last a short time or are for a near date. Only when a person succeeds in the short term career goals are they able to get on to their long term career goals.

How long does it take to get an occupational therapy degree?

It depends on which level, an associate's (some community colleges offer this, but not many), or bachelor's degree. Read the following for both. . The associates degree is designed as a two year program of study as a full-time student provided the student takes the degree as prescribed by the coll ( Full Answer )

What are examples of long term goals?

make $100,000 have kids have a six figure salary buy a house own a Mercedes Work from the Bottom of the corporate ladder and work your way to the top

How do you achieve a long term goal?

Setup little goals along the way to keep you focused and little rewards to keep you going until you finally achieve your long term goal

What is a good long term goal?

A good long term goal is whatever You want it to be; The place, career, relationships, and personal accomplishments that will make You happiest. Nobody else can answer that for you, because the answers are different for everyone. Also, long term goals are Never created; they are Always Discovered. T ( Full Answer )

List out your long term professional goals?

When you are asked to list out your long term professional goals,you need to show a clear direction in your career. These aredefined as career goals or objectives.

Long range occupational goals?

Long range occupational goals should be reasonable yet challengingat the same time. They usually consist of wanting higher positionsand an increase of pay. Smaller goals are generally completed alongthe way.

How do long-term goals differ from short-term goals?

The term "long-term goals" are those that are reached over a period of time, usually with several intermediate steps. Short-term goals are those that can be accomplished sooner, by making changes over a few days or weeks.

List of long-term goals?

A list of long-term goals can include all the things that you hopeto do in the future. It includes goals that can take years toaccomplish, including graduating college and buying a home.

What are short term and long term goals?

A short term goal is what you want to accomplish in the short run. (Get into college, Finish my thesis ect) A long term goal is what you want to accomplish over the expanse of years. ( I'll start out as a committee person and work my way up to a senator)

How long does it take to receive a degree in occupational therapy?

The following is written by and according to the U.S. Department of Labor and particular to the education and training required for Occupational Therapists. A master's degree or higher in occupational therapy is the typical minimum requirement for entry into the field. In addition, occupational th ( Full Answer )

What are 3 long term goals?

Long term goals are goals you set for the future- long term. For example, one of your long term goals might be to go to Washington, DC for a family vacation in the future. Make your goals specific and clear.

What is long term goal and short term goal?

my short term goal is to getting placement in reputed organization like yours, and my long term goal is to see our organization at peek level where am one of the responsible person for it.

List three short term professional goals?

This is one of the types of question that you may get at an interview; they are intended to get you to talk about yourself in a fairly informal manner. The questions are usually about some aspect of your own life so it is not possible for anyone else to answer them for you. You should think carefull ( Full Answer )

What is psychotherapy's long-term goal?

Psychotherapy's longer-term goal is making it possible for people to exchange destructive patterns of behavior for healthier, more successful ones.

Can cognitive therapy be used to treat long term migraine?

Cognitive therapy is often used as an adjunct therapy for Migraineurs who have trouble dealing with their pain and the disease. It is not a treatment for Migraine itself, which is a genetic neurologic disease.

What is long-term career goals?

Long-term career goals are basically the goal involving your job that will last longer than several years that you want to achieve.

What are your long term goals and ambitions?

Honestly convey what your long term goals and ambitions are, but do it in such a way as to relate it to advances in your personal life and/or within the company.

What is your long term and term goal?

My short term goal is to get placed in Reputed organization like yours which will provide me an opportunity to enhance my skills and abilities. And my long term goal is to see your organization on peek position where m one of the person who is responsible for it .

What is professional therapy?

Professional therapy is any form of therapy that is given by a licensed professional that has training in that field.

What are the short term goals and long term goals of students?

Students can have a variety of goals. Short term goals can include, to pass a test, to satisfy their parents, to do what they are ordered to do and thereby avoid conflict. Long term goals can include, to acquire useful skills leading to employment, to develop their intellect and become better people ( Full Answer )