What are opinions on plasma TVs?

My personal opinion on plasma televisions is that, while they can be very entertaining and amusing, i would honestly prefer a 3d television, which is a higher quality of tv. P (MORE)

In your opinion is chage to digital tv for the best?

That's a double edged sword. Yes it's good because of the picture quality improvements, the reduced power allowing additional TV stations and increased coverage but no because (MORE)

What are opinions on isoftware tv?

Yes, it is. Please always remember that "free" is actually supposed to mean "free". And any company that advertises to help you break the law, is probably not going to respect (MORE)
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What are opinions on stream direct tv?

Not sure, but it sure does seem like one. When I tried to exit the website, it told me 'Are you sure you want to navigate away from this page? Click Cancel and get a 50% disco (MORE)
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What are opinions on jewelry TV?

They are a scam in my opinion. I ordered a 14 stone ring and necklace combo for $59.00. When I got it, it was missing a stone. I inquired about sending it back only to find th (MORE)
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Does tv affect public opinion?

Hey well it depends for some people what famous people think is absolutely important and they copy it so that's how it affects

What are opinions on the Wild TV Store?

Yes, Wild TV Store is a scam. I ordered something and never received it and they continued to lie about having sent it. They also don't ship from a USA home base they ship fro (MORE)