What article in the now-defunct Uniform Code of Military Justice covered gay sexual conduct?

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What is a broussard worn on a military uniform?

Answer . Brassard is an arm-band that wrapped around the upper arm and an extension flap was attached to the top of the shoulder. Military Police (US) wore these(see link). Also, during the Normandy invasion, a Brassard was issued that would detect poisonous gases. Link: Examples of Military (MORE)

What is the Uniform Code of Military Justice?

Answer . The Uniform Code of Military Justice is the law by which themilitary services operate. It is the Constitution, Bill or Rightsand the law for the soldier. It is used to punish criminals in themilitary.

What is the Uniform Code of Justice?

I think what you meant to ask was "What is the Uniform Code of Military Justice" UCMJ for short.. It is federal law enacted by congress that is applicable to all United States military members worldwide. It is the bedrock of military law. the application of this military law is then implemented thr (MORE)

Can a veteran be buried in military uniform?

Yes. All retired (meaning officers, or enlisted who were retiredafter 20+ years) can wear the uniform once they are no longer inthe military and can be buried in it. Also any Veteran can do thesame. *note Veteran means they served during wartime or peacetime and donot have to have been overseas

Uniformed code of military justice summary court-martial can a person on bed rest and medication be ordered to stand trial?

The military will pretty much run things the way they wish to. The individual had the right to refuse a Summary Courts Martial, but that usually meant going to a Special Courts Martial. Since a Summary CM isn't considered a Federal charge, it doesn't appear in their criminal history so most of them (MORE)

What is a 1943 military uniform worth?

This varies depending on the Country and the rank and the speciality and insignia on the uniform. A plain jacket may go for $10 to $20. If you have a German uniform with insignia and patches, it could cost $200 - $400 or more.. Since the TV series "Band of Brothers", any real US uniform for a Parat (MORE)

What does GI means in the military uniform?

GI is an abbreviation commonly thought to mean "Government Issue" or "General Issue," but in fact the etymology of the term goes back to "Galvanized Iron". World War I soldiers sarcastically termed German artillery shells as "GI Cans" and later the term was applied in popular usage first to all mili (MORE)

Where do you put military ribbons on the uniform?

On US Military uniforms , the ribbons are worn above the wearer's left breast pocket. in what is called an "Order of Precedence" - that meaning the highest award FIRST, followed by the second highest award, and so on.

What do you call the military uniform?

Each military has differing names for their uniforms. The common term for the camouflage utility uniform in the American military is "cammies" or digital cammies which is shortened to "digies." This is in reference to the little squares that make up the pattern as opposed to the older and now most (MORE)

What is Article 91 of Uniform Code of Military Justice?

Article 91-Insubordinate conduct toward warrant officer, NCO, or PO. Text . "Any warrant officer or enlisted member who-. (1) strikes or assaults a warrant officer, non-commissioned officer, or petty officer, while that officer is in the execution of his office;. (2) willfully disobeys the lawful (MORE)

What is unlawful sexual conduct?

Laws vary depending on jurisdiction. Typically it will be any undesired sexual contact. Rape would be at one end of the spectrum. The other would be flashing someone, or coping a feel.

What is the history of the military uniform?

Uniforms were first used by organized groups. when you were in hand to hand combat or you have a sword, you need to know who was on your side. as time went on uniforms became more well suited for the area they were, the scenario/time and what the mission was

Can you get patterns to crochet a military uniform?

I'd try going through the Ambercrombie and Fitch clothing company. The Army is under contract with them. They make our ACU pattern print uniforms. Try going through the company at the manufacturing level as opposed to going local...AKA the mall.. Aside from that, simply buy yourself a uniform, they (MORE)

When are white uniforms worn in the military?

White is traditionally the colour of Navies. Usually Navy dress uniforms. Most navies around the world have a white hat as part of the dress uniforms. In America because of the close tie between the Marine Corps and Navy the Marines also wear a white hat and sometimes white pants with their dress un (MORE)

What are Article III judges or justices?

Supreme Court Justices are "Article III Judges," as are US District Court and US Courts of Appeals Circuit Court judges, which means that they hold their term for life ("good behavior"). Some Justices will retire because of old age or illness. Other Justices will serve until their death. All Fede (MORE)

Can i wear my military uniform to church?

If you're Active Duty or Reserves on Active status, yes. If you're a Veteran, retired or otherwise, there are restrictions on when and where you can/should wear your uniform, typically dealing with military related events or national holidays (e.g., Veterans Day, July 4th, etc.).

Who can order civilians into military uniform?

Military conscription in the United States can be initiated only by the U.S. Congress passing legislation to amend the Military Selective Service Act , and this legislation then being signed by the President. (Technically, it could also be vetoed and overrridden, but in practice this would make n (MORE)

What are 7 you uniformed branches of military?

There are seven uniformed branches, but not all of them are part of the Armed Forces. You have: . United States Army . United States Air Force . United States Navy . United States Marine Corps . United States Coast Guard Additionally, outside of the Armed Forces, there is: . United St (MORE)

Can a boutonniere be worn on a military uniform?

Im sure this differs form military to military but in the American Marine Corps the answer is no except in very specific circumstances. For example if an American Marine was awarded a symbolic or medal type flower by a foreign head of state at a special dinner or something like that they would then (MORE)

What colour is us military uniform?

Each service branch has several different uniforms. You'd have to be a bit more specific in regards to branch of service and category of uniform. See the related link below.

Is confederate flag against uniform code of military justice?

Not specifically. However, if the chain of command feels that it's being used as a hate symbol (and personnel from northern states can often be a bit overzealous about this), then they might act on it. Additionally: It is a breach of protocol to fly or display the flags of defeated nations, and (MORE)

What is Uniform Code of Military Justice Article 113?

Misbehaviour of Sentinel or Lookout. Text is as follows: "Any sentinel or look-out who is found drunk or sleeping upon his post, or leaves it before he is regularly relieved, shall be punished, if the offense is committed in time of war, by death or such other punishment as a court-martial may (MORE)

What uniform is included for military salute?

In the Air Force, you salute in the blues (formal) uniform, the ABU's (Airman Battle Uniform), and depending on the base you may salute in the PT (physical training) uniform as well.

What article covers sexual harassment in the UCMJ?

Sexual harassment is not covered by a specific article of the UCMJ. DoD and each service, and even each command have published sexual harrassment policies. Violation of this policy could result in charges being brought under several articles of the UCMJ: Article 92 (Failure to obey an order or reg (MORE)

What was the samurais military code of conduct?

it was a code of conduct that the samurai had to live by they had to respect their elder honour their lord and fight when told to if they did not they would disimbow them selfs by sticking a knife into their lower adomen and cutting up wards this is a very pain full death so i would not like to beco (MORE)

What UCMJ article covers improper wear of uniform?

There is no specific UCMJ Article concerned with the wear of the military uniform. If a service member is charged with improper wear of the uniform, it is likely to be a "Failure to follow direct orders" sort of situation. Each branch of the Armed Forces has its own uniform regulations. Each of the (MORE)

Is the president subject to military code of justice?

The president is not a member of the military. It might seem strange to hear that since he is Commander In Chief. This is a very important point. The US military is ultimately under civilian control . Think about how important that is. What could happen if military authority in the US were independ (MORE)