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What were the results of Hundred Years' War?

England wins battles do to long bow. Joan of Arc leads french amies. Joan's execution rallies the French. Northern Europe is slower in advancing in the arts and Renaissance

What year was the hundred year war?

The Hundred Years War was a prolonged series of wars that lasted from 1337 to 1453, a total of 116 years.

What was the result of the hundred years war?

The Battle of Castillon is officially designed the last battle ofthe Hundred Years War despite the fact that England and Francecontinued a formal war throughout the two decade

What years were hundred year war?

The Hundred Year's War ( 1337-1453 ) is usually separated into 4 individual wars:. 1. The Edwardian War (1337-1360) . The Edwardian War ended with the signing of the Treaty

As a result of the Hundred years' war?

One of the major results of the Hundred Years War was thereorganization of France. France was left in disarray, so Louis XIused this weakness to create a strong royal authorit

Why is the Hundred Years War called the Hundred Years War?

It was 116 years long so they rounded it down to a hundred. This war, or series of skirmishes took place over a period from 1337 till 1453, (136 years) and was a dynastic quar