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What was the military result of the Hundred Years War?

Despite many English victories in the War's early years, in the end  the King of England had lost all the lands in France that he held  in fief before the start of the war,

Who won the Hundred Years' War?

The House of Valois was eventually victorious over that of the Plantagenets. Although England won most of the battles, it was France who actually won the war as they profited

Why did the Hundred Years war start?

The war started when there was a fight over who should be king. King Edward the third believed he had higher chances since he was the nephew of a former french king. The frenc

How was the hundred years war fought?

  the war was fought by the French and English. they fought in military combat. and after a lot of time passed over 100+ years the french won.

How did the Hundred Years' War Start?

The events leading up to this war was that the king of england William I died, But had no heir to the thorne. His son abdictaed from being the king of england because he wante

Who fought in the Hundred Years' War?

France and England France and England as main fighting powers. Indeed following Countries now and then and under various forms participated to the hostilities : Scotland, th

Who fought in the Hundred Years' Wars?

The short answer is England and France, it started in 1337 when Edward III of England claimed he had a right to the French throne. Edward and decided to go to war to become ki

What years were hundred year war?

The Hundred Year's War (1337-1453) is usually separated into 4 individual wars: 1. The Edwardian War (1337-1360)The Edwardian War ended with the signing of the Treaty of Brét

What was the result of the hundred years war?

The Battle of Castillon is officially designed the last battle of  the Hundred Years War despite the fact that England and France  continued a formal war throughout the two

As a result of the Hundred years' war?

One of the major results of the Hundred Years War was the  reorganization of France. France was left in disarray, so Louis XI  used this weakness to create a strong royal au