What is an aftermath?

An aftermath is something, usually unpleasant, that follows or is aresult of a major event. This is usually a result of a naturaldisaster or misfortune.

What is aftermath?

The long term effect of something, I suppose. Or, for example, the aftermath of a hurricane would be all of the damage left behind.Another example for an aftermath would be th (MORE)

How many disaster has NASA had?

lets see here not counting the firsts of rockets, there were Apollo 1, Apollo 13 (but they got back alive), then columbia, and lastly Challenger which is the most reasent one. (MORE)

What aspects of NASA practice revealed in the aftermath of the Columbia disaster suggest that the changes sought in the aftermath of the Challenger disaster were not sustained?

The commission's recommended that NASA needed to restructure its management so that change could take place. NASA's management needed to tighten its control to establish highe (MORE)
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What social impact did the challenger disaster have?

The social impact may be immeasurable, it was a devastating loss oflife and also a loss of confidence in our American know-how. Itcame at a time where we really needed a boost (MORE)
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Why did the Columbia Space Disaster happen?

The Columbia space disaster happened because of the failure of a part of the shuttle. During the launch sequence, this failure was disregarded and unfortunately that led to th (MORE)
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In what year did the Columbia disaster occur?

The Columbia disaster happened on February 1, 2003. This shuttle malfunctioned, and exploded in the sky. There were seven astronauts that lost their lives that day.

The shuttle program suffered a disaster in January 1986 with the explosion of the Challenger Columbia or Mercury?

There was a space shuttle disaster in January 1986 when the Challenger exploded soon after take-off, killing all 7 ofits crew. A second shuttle disaster occurred on 1st Febru (MORE)