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What belief other than in oracle bones may have led the Chinese to seek advice from their ancestor and the gods?

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What are facts about Chinese oracle bones?

Chinese oracle bones were used for divination. Shang kings of China  used Chinese oracle bones to carve questions to ask, from deceased  ancestors. They were originally sold

What is a oracle bone from the Chinese?

an oracle bone is a type of bone that when the Chinese found one it had scriptures on it and they would use it to know their future and the priests would make the bone crack w

Do countries that prohibit belief in God have more genocide than others?

OpinionLet's have a look at Nazi Germany. Although no one would consider Hitler a true Christian, Adolf Hitler was raised in a country that allowed belief in God. He even call

Where else can you seek help from other than citizens advice bureau or trade unions?

It depends on the subject matter, if it is something that you feel you have been unjustly treated over some times a newspaper will print your story to try and pressure the oth

How did god create the universe in Chinese belief?

A:The Chinese creation story seems unfamiliar to Westerners, but is no more fantastic than the creation stories of certain other religions that believe that man was moulded ou

Why do you seek advice?

i guess we seek advice because we aren't sure about a decision or don't know what is better for us and some other peopple might have been throught the same thing and will be a

Why did the ancient Greeks seek advice from oracles?

They were after inside information on how to solve problems and  sought the god's advice on how to deal with the problem, on the  basis that the god knew.    The orac