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What belief other than in oracle bones may have led the Chinese to seek advice from their ancestor and the gods?

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How did god create the universe in Chinese belief?

A:The Chinese creation story seems unfamiliar to Westerners, but is no more fantastic than the creation stories of certain other religions that believe that man was moulded ou

What is stored in bone other than bone marrow?

The spongy bone which is the soft inner layer that has little holes and looks like a spongy hence the term spongy bone then the outer layer that everyone sees is the compact b

What word means a belief in more than one god?

Polytheism is the belief in multiple gods (poly-many, theism-religious beliefs). A modern example would be Mormons who believein multiple gods because they teach that perfect

What is oracle bones?

oracle bones are bones that ancient shang kings consulted their ancestors. and oracle is a prediction about the future.

What are oracle bones?

Earliest example of Chinese writing found in the Shang dynasty Example: The kings ask the gods' help using a oracle bone by scratching their questions into there and then, pr
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How can scientists learn about an organism's ancestors other than fossils?

Apart from fossils the only thing we could do to learn about organisms ancestors is biology. Comparisons of modern organisms give us clues about what was alive in the past. An

Why do boyfriends seek attention from girls other than their girlfriends?

  It depends, boys tend to like attraction from their friends, and/or even their girl-friends than their girlfriends. It could do sexual but doesn't have to. When I said i