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What best describes the relationship between a gene and an allele?

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What is the relationship between an allele and a gene?

All chromosomes consist of genes and non coding material. Animals with chromosomes arranged in the double helix pattern have two almost identical genes on the chromosomes oppo

What is the difference between allele and a gene?

An allele is a sequence variant of a gene. alleles - a pair of genes controlling the same characters which are located at the same locus in the homologous chromosomes. gene is

What is the different between alleles and genes?

Alleles are in genes. Think of it this way : Using the eye colours BROWN and GREEN. Brown eyes are more common than green eyes so brown would be the dominant allele and green

Which statements best describe the relationship between the terms chromosomes genes and nuclei?

Chromosomes: Contains genetic information that controls traits DNA: Self replication material present in nearly all living organisms Nucleus: The"control room" for the cell te